Chapter 23


She is so beautiful. When I look at her from close, that’s what I always think.

She is beautiful but she is beaten and broken. She is damaged and dangerous.

They had taken her innocence and her peace of mind. It hurts me to know that whatever she does now to bring her old self back, it won’t ever be enough.

Valentina is gone. It seems the innocent girl, the one who was whole, had died a long time ago and what I see now is the broken shell of a person she once was.

She is a danger to herself at this point, because she can’t control her rage, her thoughts, her memories from claiming her again and again.

I hate to admit this, but she is a threat to everyone around her as well.

As I hold her broken, crying self in my arms, I silently feel miserable for her.

So beautifully broken she is. So impossible it is to fix her now.

I should have

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Dana Zagaria Leshock
I have read a few books from this author and they just stop updating. This author writes so well and I understand things happen, BUT PLEASE let us know if you are going to finish the book or not.
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farheen Chowdhury
Please update
goodnovel comment avatar
Janine May
Will there ever be an update

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