Controlled Chaos

Mithraos looked out through the window of the palace. He was looking at the hills that shined. With his palace close to the border, he could see the palace proudly standing atop Mount Avanava, the palace of Mauryae's. The castle where the ruthless Malvan King lived. 

Mithraos sighed as he looked around. He hated this palace. The place where his parents were killed, the place that reminds him of what he lost every second of the day, which is also the reason he roamed the forests and went on wars. He hated sitting still, lounging in the palace, accepting the comforts. He becomes restless all too soon.

Mithraos do not court danger like many believes. He simply want to be engaged in some activity. What better option than war, when it brings him so much power and protects his Kingdom too. It also made him feel invincible, capable.


Eloy ran through the woods. It is a part of his exercise routine. His hair was tied up as always and he ran like a cheetah. He ran to the edge of the forest. He could see the palace of the Malvans from here clearly. He knew a war was in the making. He could feel the hostility from the borders, the tension among the people and his emperor. However, as he looked at the palace, he only felt a certain sense of calmness. It actually looked more regal from here than anything he has ever set his eyes on. Eloy turned. He needed a bath in the stream. The Oleya stream in the edge of the forest is the main reason he always ran this far. 

The water had a soothing effect on him. He just relaxed in the water and slowly let himself be. He saw a deer in the woods and it was just looking at him teasingly. A freshened up Eloy was all ready for a chase. He got up, his wet hair sticking against him. He left his hair open only when he was alone like this. He did not want anyone to mistake it as a sign of fragility.

Eloy ran, without breaking a sweat, playfully behind the deer who was beckoning him and toying with him. He snorted as he ran past her making her frown in confusion. He ran in front of the deer and she caught on and chased him. Eloy's long beautiful hair flew in all directions. He looked ethereal in that moment, like he was from out of this world.

He turned and caught the deer in his arms and then the deer ran off as Eloy watched. As he neared the palace of Mithraos, he saw the King standing near the window looking out into the woods. He looked down as the emperor's eyes fell on him. They grew up together and even though he was a lowly servant, Mithraos had always been kind to him. However, when the man became King, Eloy lost all his foolish thoughts of friendship. He was nothing but a sacrificial lamp for the Kingdom. And he did not mind. He would die to protect his King and the Kingdom. Eloy looked down and walked off to his quarters. 


Mithraos watched as Eloy walked away. Eloy is the only person Mithraos trusted with his life. 

He knew that he lost Eloy in those moments between stepping on his throne and actually claiming it. However, he also knew that Eloy would die for this empire. 


The minister walked in as Mithraos held court. 

"The people are talking. Everyone can sense that we are on the brink of a war. The troops are being prepared in the Kingdom of Malvans. Our troops are also ready," said Guardioni, the Minister.

Mithraos nodded.

Eloy walked in.

"You asked for me, your highness," asked Eloy, head bowed. The court has gone all hush seeing the respected warrior walk in.

"Are we ready for the war?" 

"Yes, the army is at your disposal, your highness," said Eloy, head bowed in respect and talking steadily.

Mithraos looked at the nobles.

"We are talking about the Malvan's, your highness. A peace talk, we think would be better even now," said Gefforoy, a noble.

Other nobles also had that unsure expression on.

"We are fully equipped for a war. But, your highness, never have Kingdoms fought and decidedly not with Malvans," said Kanderis, another noble.

"Well, that would happen now. It was them who gave the first signals of a war and we are just going to fight them and show them that no one gets away with threatening us. Not even Malvans," said Mithraos.

"Yes, your highness. I think we can show Malvans their place," said Armeyin, another of the nobles, and a war minded one at that.

Mithraos looked at Eloy.

"What do you think, Head Warrior?" asked Mithraos.

Eloy was surprised that Mithraos asked his opinion.

"If your highness want me to fight in a war, I will and if you want me to guard you during the peace treaty, I will do that too. However, I do have a suggestion," said Eloy.

All listened eagerly.

Mithraos gave permission with a subtle raise if his eyebrows.

"Your highness, since we are both Kingdoms, the loss of warriors will be high if we go on a full on war, should you settle on war. In that case, I would like to avoid too many orphaned houses. Would deliberating with the Malvan King for a controlled war with equal but limited number of soldiers and some other regulations," said Eloy.

Mithraos thought for a moment.

"You are right. We will also forego family men. Let me send the message to the Malvans," said Mithraos.

And thus, two nobles each from the empires sat down and made the rules of the war. It was a process that was not heard of ever before. The other Kingdoms were also keenly observing the happenings.

The war was not going to be pretty and it is a good thing that both kings thought of their people first and blood thirst later.

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