The Outbreak of the New Virus
The Outbreak of the New Virus
Author: serenofiru


"Belle, OMG girl!" The petite girl named Marj called the blonde-hair Belle. 

"Ace, Marj, how long have you been here in the Philippines?" Asked Belle, welcoming the two with a hug.

"Kanina lang, dumiretso agad kami dito sa inyo para makapag-bonding tayo. Ghad! It's been years since we last saw each other." Sabi naman ni Ace habang pinapaypayan sarili gamit ang kamay.

"HAHA, yeah right. Oh by the way. How's state?" Belle asked again.

This time Marj was the one to answer her. "Same old, same old. State is still boring as ever." 

The three bond at Belle's house for hours. They just cope up things that they didn't experience together. Talking and enjoying the food Ace Dawn ordered on their way to Belle's house.

"Marj, belle. I need to go. See you tomorrow if I'm not busy. I still have to check my schedule, you know doctor's stuff." Ace bid her goodbye to the two while shrugging.

"We'll definitely see you tomorrow. How about you Marj? Do you want to stay for the night or go home to your apartment?" Belle asked.

"I'll stay for tonight. By the way, where's Sabrina?" Asked Marj.

Belle rolled her eyes. "At her room. Playing at her computers again." She sat at the sofa. "I just can't get her out of her room. Palagi nalang siyang gumagamit ng computer for I don't know what reason." She again crossed her legs and arms.

An idea popped up at Marj's mind. "What if isama natin siya bukas para puntahan si Ace sa hospital? You know, she really adored Ace HAHA." Marj suggested.

Belle smiled and look at Marj. "That's a good idea. Let's go. We'll disturbed that bitch HAHA."

As the two reached at Sabrina's door-step, Marj knocked. "Hey Sab, open up. It's me, Marj." 

The two girl heard a squealing sound inside, they giggled upon hearing that.

They looked up when the door opens and revealed a teen girl with a blonde hair, same as Belle.

"Wahhh! Ate Marj!" Sab screamed while slightly jumping and hugged Marj immediately. "Wait, where's ate Ace?" The girl looked at their backs. 

Her face immediately painted with disappointment upon knowing that her ate Ace isn't with them.

"What is that face? Cheer up, come on. We'll be at your ate Ace's work place tomorrow." Marj try to console Sabrina.

"Really?" Sabrina asked excitedly.

Sabrina invited them to her room. Pumasok sila at dun nag kwentuhan. Hours passed and the three was deep asleep.

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