I gulp down my Dr. Pepper almost desperately before grabbing another one of Adam's shirts. I place my glass down before picking up my Ralph Lauren perfume bottle. I spray the collar just like I've done all the others and hang it back up.  

   Even though every cell in my body is calling for violence and destruction, I fight it. If I destroy his stuff the way I want to, he will know how hurt I am. How utterly broken I am, and I refuse to give him the satisfaction. He doesn't deserve my love or my tears. What he deserves is endless hours of smelling me. Endless hours filled with missing me. 

  I have decided he is nothing but a weak coward who still hides in his mother's skirts. No matter how hard his father pushed the importance of family and tradition on him, I guess it wasn't enough. It only took six months of hard times for him to cheat. Because "precious" Kelly said they had been together for six months and our fighting only started about a year ago if that.

    I slam his closet door closed and head to mine. I'm tired of looking at his stuff, and I need to get all of my things packed before my taxi arrives. 

When I first caught them together three hours ago, I wanted my share of things. I wanted my house and my car....maybe a few tears from him. But now that I have had time to think about it...I don't want this house, mostly because I don't want to think about all the memories that were made here, the good and the bad. I don't want the little red Toyota he gifted me when he was promoted because every time I drive it, I will remember pulling up to that job site. I don't want the jewelry that he has given me on special occasions to symbolize his love because his love was a lie. I don't want anything that will remind me of him. I don't think I will even keep the name, Polk. 

I will take the money I am now guaranteed due to Adam's extracurricular activities. I will also take 50% of his father's company because that's what will irk Mrs. Margaret Polk the most, and since she had a massive hand in the collapse of my marriage, she deserves a parting gift. And her son's future company being half mine sounds like the perfect present. 


    I get the majority of my clothes packed and move towards the bathroom before I hear the front door slam. 'Perfect timing, Adam," I think to myself before downing the last sip of my soda. I turn the glass upside down and check my makeup. No streaks. No evidence of my earlier breakdown. Good. 

   I start collecting my toiletries just as he bursts into what was once "our" bedroom. 

  "Samantha, where are you? We need to talk," Adam says as his voice gets closer and closer to the restroom. 

  "In here," I call with fake cheerfulness just to annoy him.

  He pushes open the bathroom door and sighs loudly. His sigh makes me want to roll my eyes, but I refrain. I instead act as if I didn't hear him sigh out in relief at finding me here. He seems genuinely happy to find me at home and not already gone...interesting. 

   "Sam...what are you doing," Adam asks, and the urge to scoff makes me clear my throat. 

   I recover from my almost slip well, but my mind explodes as it thinks over Adam's ridiculous question. What the hell does he think I'm doing, knitting? ......Shoot, what does it look like I'm doing? What did he think I would be doing?!?!?!?! Sitting here crying? Making dinner? This man is delusional. I catch him cheating, and his first question to me when he gets home is, "Sam...what are you doing?" This idiot!

   "I'm packing. I don't think I will be able to get everything out in one go, but Kelly should have plenty of space to start moving in," I reply calmly instead of voicing my many sarcastic questions. 

    "Kelly isn't moving into our home. Sam, I broke up with her...I want us to work. I want to be a family," Adam says, and this time, my scoff can't be held back, nor can my rage.

    I slowly turn to look at the man I have loved for seven years and stare. I don't hide my hate or distaste for who he has become. I allow all my rage to pass across my features as I look him over from head to toe. 

  I scoff again but this time louder, as I realize something. He isn't aging well at all. He must be taking after his mother's side because his father is still very handsome. 

   I notice his belly is rounder than it was a year ago and that he has gained at least thirty pounds. I notice his once thick brown hair has begun to grow thin even though we are still young. I notice his skin isn't sun-kissed and flawless like it once was. Instead, his skin has a pale, sickly kind of look to it. Which probably comes from working in the office now instead of outside with the crew. 

  The Adam Polk I knew a year ago is gone. The Adam Polk standing before me now isn't someone I recognize. And since the blinders made from my love have been removed from my eyes, I can finally see him for what he is...a weasel. A weak-stance overweight weasel who lies and cheats with fake plastic bimbos his mother picks out for him. A man not worthy of me at all. A man I have let degrade me on numerous occasions. A man I am no longer attracted to or in love with.

   " longer want us to work, Adam. You have given me every reason in the book to throw in the towel. This marriage is over. Go call Kelly and tell her you made a mistake. My lawyer will be in contact with yours. I'm done," I finally say as a car horn goes off out front. 

   Adam seems startled either by my words or by the car horn. I don't know which, and I don't honestly care. I return to packing, and he stays quiet as I do. 

  I move around our master suite, gathering everything I can as fast as I possibly can. I want to get out of here, and I don't want my taxi to leave. When I have finally packed everything of mine that will fit in my large suitcases and toiletry bag, I turn back towards Adam, who is starting to look green. 

  "Would you mind grabbing a bag? I don't want to take two trips," I ask, waking him up from his trance. 

   He ignores my request and looks me over while appearing dazed. Finally, after a minute, I sigh out in annoyance and grab what I can. "Two trips it is." 

  As I make my way to the front door, Adam follows closely behind me. A sliver of fear runs down my spine at just how close he is, but I push it away. Adam has never been a violent man. He has only used his words to hurt me, and just because he is a fat piece of swine, I don't believe him to be a woman beater. Plus, once I get the door open, the taxi driver will be witness to anything Adam might do. And one thing Adam is strict about is his image. 

  "Samantha, are you really pregnant," Adam asks lowly, and the doubt in his voice slaps me in the face. 

  Out of the two of us, it is him who can't be trusted. How dare he doubt my words. How dare he question whether I am carrying his child. To hide my hurt feelings, I laugh sarcastically without looking back at him. 

   "Yes, Adam, I am pregnant. I am two weeks late, and according to an at-home pregnancy test, we are expecting. Congrats," I practically snarl as I pass my bags to an annoyed-looking cab driver. 

   The driver tosses my bags into the car trunk, and I hold up a finger to signal I need another minute. I walk past Adam and make my way back to the bedroom. Adam follows behind me like a puppy, and my emotions heighten. 

  My anger is growing with each passing second, and as my anger grows, my mind gets to thinking. Questions begin to bubble within me, and my mouth can't stop itself from asking.

   "Why did you break up with Kelly, Adam? Why did you come home and say you want us to work? Is it because of the baby...Is it because you realized how much you really do love me...or is it because I reminded you about the prenup. Is it because I will own 50% of your father's company," I ask as I snatch my toiletry bag and face him head-on. 

    His blue eyes widen with shock before they fill with shame, and I am given my answer. No words need be spoken; I can read his reaction like a book. He is here to save face. He wants to be the one to divorce me. He wants to keep his family's good name from being dragged through the mud. Yeah, I might have made him drool earlier today, but that isn't as important as keeping his image up. 

   "Don't answer, Adam. Your reaction was answer enough. Enjoy explaining why I am divorcing you to your father. I hope he blackens both your eyes," I snap before moving past him and back out of our home. 

  This time he doesn't follow me, and it doesn't hurt. 


    "Samantha, Mr. Polk, and his mother are demanding to have DNA results provided before the divorce is finalized. I am fighting the demand, but the judge is behaving as if he is in favor of their request," Mr. Hedge says as I rub my slight baby bump. 

  Irritation pulls at my already thin patience, but I try to hide it. Mr. Hedge has worked tirelessly to get my divorce finalized, and he deserves whatever patience I can give him. It isn't his fault Margaret is scrambling to find anything she can to prove I shouldn't receive what I was promised in the prenup. 

  "Mr. Hedge, every shred of privacy I had before this divorce began has been erased. Margaret Polk and Adam Polk have tried everything they can to prove I also had an affair. And everything they have demanded access to has shown I was nothing but faithful to Adam. This divorce can not be postponed again. I am tired of living in a hotel. If they want a clause added to the divorce, then fine. I have no doubts as to who the father is. If they want a stipulation placed on what I receive, fine. I want this over," I finally reply, and Mr. Hedge looks taken aback by my compliance. 

  "Okay, well, they should accept that. And I truly understand that you need this matter closed, Samantha. I am doing everything I can," Mr. Hedge says, and I sigh as I stand up. 

   "I'm sorry, Harry. I know you are. I really do," I say while reaching my hand out for his. 

   We shake hands, and he gives me a small smile before I head down to the lobby. I hate taking out my irritation on innocent bystanders, and Mr. Hedge is innocent. He doesn't deserve my hormone-fueled expectations or my annoyance with the Polks being directed at him. It's only been five weeks, and he has accomplished so much. 

   When we first began this process, Adam was adamant about trying to save the marriage. But as soon as Margaret got involved, she shut that down. She hired a separate attorney to represent Adam and a private detective to search through the ashes of my life. I've been ordered to hand over access to all my social media accounts and my phone records. But since there was nothing to find, and I had nothing to hide, and I handed them over without a fight. Margaret even had someone go through my search history on my home computer. But that produced absolutely nothing. 

   I sigh as I reach the exit. I just want this over. I want to begin my life. I have to figure out a plan, and my time to do so is slowly ticking away. With each passing week, my baby bump grows, and my stress increases with it. I need to find a place, but the housing market here has zero inventory. 

  "Samantha," a voice calls, cutting into my repetitive thoughts. 

   I turn around and freeze as I see who is calling out to me. 

   "Mr. Polk," I reply in shock as my eyes focus on my approaching father-in-law. 

   He looks friendly, but fear begins to build the closer he gets to me. I subconsciously place both hands over my baby bump to shield it from the possible danger getting closer and closer. As my hands move, Mr.Polk's gaze drops down towards my stomach. He stares at it until he comes to a halt two feet in front of me. He clears his throat, and I brace for the worst. 


   I haven't seen Mr. Andrew Polk at all through this entire process, and I have no idea what his wife has told...or not told him. She is famous for leaving out important details if those details make her look bad. 

   "Samantha, I would like to apologize on behalf of my son and wife. I understand they have made this situation awful, and I am genuinely sorry. I truly hope you can move past this betrayal and include at least me in your pregnancy. I am over the moon to be becoming a grandfather, and I do not believe for one second you cheated...I know you. I've seen your type countless times before, Samantha, and I am so proud of you," Mr. Andrew Polk says as I stare into his eyes that are identical to his son's. 

  "Really," I manage to whisper, and Mr.Polk smiles. 

  He takes my hand from my stomach gently before patting it. He looks me dead in the eye and winks. 

   "I swear on my name, Samantha. My wife and son are being so stupid. You have no idea how infuriating their actions are making me. If I didn't have the values I have, I would be getting divorced myself...Samantha, anything you need...don't hesitate to ask me for it. I will get you anything and everything; all I ask is you give me regular updates and a picture of my grandbaby. That's it," Andrew says, and I smile before diving into his muscular chest. 

  "You got it, Grandpa," I mumble, and his long arms wrap around me. 


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Another good character good for the dad to step up I hope he gets to be apart of their lives apart from his evil wife and son
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Don’t try to make it work girl. He is just afraid for the material things that he would loose.
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Bella Jersey
I do trust him isn’t that sad

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