126. Complete Once Again


No matter how many people congratulated me solemnly on the birth of our son, it was still a heart-breaking time for everyone. My only contentment was that my baby had been born healthy.

Serena had told Mom and Dad that I had the baby and Mom was determined to come, although she only had Azura the day before. I had told her not to, but she refused. We still had not told them about Alejandro. Just the thought caused another wave of pain to envelope me. I wanted to die, to break down, to let everything out, but I couldn’t because I had my little angel, the only physical remnant of Alejandro and my love. I never understood what it meant when they said a mother's love is unconditional, but now I understand it means that no matter how much pain we were in, we'd keep going for our children. For our son, I would keep going.

I looked down at him as I fed him. He was a hungry little thing. His suckling was strong, his little hand holding on to my breast as he dra

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Jana Bodemann-Wille
This storytelling is awesome! I cried my heart out throughout the last chapters... This was torture... But great job! It's rare that i cry by reading books... If it's this good though... ......
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Naomi D
love the story and get that werewolves heal differently. but i do wonder if the writer has kids herself. after having a csection I was still bleeding for a week, very painful breasts and no desire to have sex hahaha so good for Kiara, but nooooo
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Bryers
How in the world did Kiara get out of the bed & went storming off to find her baby after having a c-section? I forgot to ask that from the last chapter. I'm very happy that there is a family reunion!

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