Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
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Kiara Westwood was the 18 year old daughter of two Alpha parents. But she was born without one of the basic abilities of a wolf. Wanting to escape from the protection and concern of her family and pack which suffocated her. She moves to the pack of the Lycan King himself. Alejandro Rossi. Fearless, ruthless and cold-hearted. Alejandro cares for nothing or no one and that’s the way he liked it. He believes his sole purpose is to contain the danger that threatens their very existence. At 34, Alejandro had not found his destined mate, nor has he taken one of choice. Fucking women was just a past time and he didnt have the heart for love nor the interest. That was until Kiara stepped into his life, like a breath of fresh air or a storm on a hot summers night. Under the blood moon, by a cruel twist of fate they realise they are mated. Will Kiara be able to make her way into his frozen heart and revive any emotions he is capable of? Or would he destroy her completely in the process? ---- THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THE ALPHA Book 1 - Her Forbidden Alpha Book 2 - Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Book 3 - Her Destined Alpha Book 4 - Caged Between The Beta & Alpha Book 5 - King Alejandro: The Return Of Her Cold-Hearted Alpha For updates, character aesthetics release dates and more follow me on IG author.muse or FB author muse

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`Kiara Westwood is always protected well and cared about by her Alpha parents and pack although she was a werewolf without a wolf. However, she feels suffocated and stressed. Therefore,She is determined to leave her parents and pack for another pack alone. Then she encounters her cold-hearted alpha, ruthless Alejandro. He is a fearless leader in his pack and the only purpose in his life is to control the danger that he and his people are confronting before he meets Kiara. Therefore he is single for decades and shows no interest in any she-werewolf until Kiara appearance. More details in Her cold-hearted Alpha.

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132 Chapters
1. Prologue
Twenty one years ago... It was the night of my 13th Birthday. A day where I should have just chilled with my friends. We were going to go down by the canyon. Have a bonfire. But something wasn’t right. I could feel it. I stayed in my room telling them I wasn't feeling great.  My emotions were wreaking havoc within me. as if wanting an outlet from the confines of my body. “Alejandro what's wrong?” my mom’s soft voice asked from outside the door. “Just leave me alone, please.” Fear. I felt fear, something inside me was changing. I gripped the window ledge staring up at the moon. “Leave him be, he isn't worth it.” my fathers cold voice came. He had always hated me; I don’t even know why.  My heart was raci
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2. Friend's & A Movie
KIARA The wind blew through my hair, a pleasant welcome on this warm day. The sun was lowering itself in the sky and I knew I’d have to head inside soon.  I was sat just outside our family home, near the river. I smiled gently, my eyes glued to the book in my hand ‘My Future Stepbrother’ By Monroe Thirty. I loved this book. I smiled as I turned the page as I leant back against the tree.  But I didn’t get to lose myself in the book and fantasise about crushing on the male lead Jayce because Liam, my twin brother and future Alpha of The Blood Moon pack ran over. “Kia, join us. We’re going to go watch a movie.” He said, running his fingers through his hair. I looked up into his cerulean blue eyes, which mirrored dads. He looked a lot like dad actually. The onl
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3. A Chase
ALEJANDRO  The smell of sex and sweat hung in the air, the sound of skin against skin and moans from the two women who lay on the bed filled the room. They kissed each other as I fucked one of them. I didn’t really feel anything, even as my release rushed through me. I simply pulled out and got off the bed, taking a drag from the cigarette that was between my lips. Not even bothering to cast the two she-wolves I had just fucked a second glance. They won’t be able to walk for a good day or two. They had fulfilled their purpose, and now I didn’t want to see them again. Women were all the same to me. I fucked them and I moved on.  I was 34 and I didn’t have a mate, but I'm glad. I am not mate material. I am a fucking twisted freak of nature, I guess not being a werewolf meant I didn’t get one. It’s been over 10 years and I accepted that fact. It just m
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4. A Stranger In The Dark
KIARAI shifted mid-run, feeling the thing behind me run faster. It wasn’t a rogue I knew that much. I couldn't see where I was going, but I kept running, my ankle screamed at me in protest, and I stumbled a few times. Although my mind screamed at me to turn and look at what was chasing me, a basic instinct. One which was of no use to me I wouldn’t be able to see. I hit a wall and growled, turning I knew I had to fight, or I was done for. I lashed out but I was knocked to the ground. I could hear it approaching as I got up once again. I felt it sniffing me and I tensed, did it not want to kill me. I was wrong, the next thing I felt was something bite into my neck making me howl in pain. The wound stung and I felt my body force itself to shift. My shoulder was aching painfully. A loud growl ri
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5. A Protective Father
KIARA"Someone who fucking saved you pup." His deep voice sent shivers up my spine. His scent filled my senses."What’s your name?" I asked softly, feeling the heat from his body sent shivers of pleasure up my spine."Kiara.""Huh?" That’s my name-"Kiara! Kiara!" I frowned. The voice changed to one I recognised rather well. My eyes flew open to see Raven hovering over me. I blushed, realising I had been dreaming. Pushing her back, I sat up.The sun was shining through the curtains and I leaned over, turning my lights off."What were you dreaming about?" Raven asked, curiously staring at me.
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6. A Tense Dinner
ALEJANDRO  I looked out at the river; I was just outside of Blood Moon Pack territory. Although I had sent the message, I was coming, I couldn't bring myself to enter that pack. The young woman I saved last night flashed through my mind. I was sure she was from that pack. There was something about her. For one, she wasn’t looking at me when she asked who I was. The second was that I hadn't been able to get her voice out of my head. It was slightly husky yet sensual. She was young. I could tell that much from how perfect her skin was. She had her legs crossed, hiding her lower regions, and her arms and hair covered her breasts. For someone who had just been attacked, she still seemed to have cared about her modesty. I've seen more women than I can remember. One more was nothing to it... That was a fucking lie
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7. Towel & Tattoos
KIARA Dad was blowing things way out of proportion, blaming Liam for something that wasn’t even his fault. We were in the family lounge, although we were keeping our voices low. Everyone was tense and pissed. "Alright, I get it. I’m sorry!" Liam said closing his eyes, trying to be the calmer one. "Dad enough!" I said frustrated. Mum frowned, placing a hand on dads chest. She was angry we had lied but what did they expect? They always blamed Liam and I hated it. "Elijah. Enough. She’s ok and you need to stop thinking she’s a baby." I gave mum an appreciative smile. If anyone understood it was her, I just wished the others did too. I hated that Liam already blamed himself and now dad was only making matters worse. "I get it, I messed up. I should have stayed with her until she came out of the bathroom." Liam said frowning. I shook my head, hell no. "Dad! Liam! I left the cinema of my own will. If I just returned to the screening room, I
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8. A Battle Of Wills
ALEJANDRO "Or What?" Her words surprised me, but I didn’t let it show. Right now controlling my instincts was proving really hard. She lay there on the bed, not even an ounce of fear came from her. That shocked me more than anything. She knew I was stronger; she wasn’t fucking dumb. Her breasts were close to spilling out of her thin-strapped dress and my eyes took in her hardened nipples. I narrowed my eyes at her remark. "You don’t want me to show you what." I said coldly. "Maybe I do?" She challenged, trying to push me off. Her words were tempting me and I was ready to show her exactly what, when suddenly she pinched my nipple hard. I raised an eyebrow, even when her nail had dug into the piercing I didn’t even flinch. Her soft fingers sent a delicious sizzle of pleasure through me. Letting go of her neck, I now pinned both of her arms to the bed on either side of head. "That won't work. Are you really going to resort to such petty tricks?"
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9. Friends With Benefits
KIARA I shut my door, my heart pounding. What was that...? I felt humiliated and mocked. Why had I even let him touch me? A sting of pain jolted through me. I had made a complete fool of myself, and I had to face him for an entire week. What would dad think if he ever found out? The feel of his fingers down below lingered. I closed my eyes, sliding down the door until I was sitting on the floor. Only my fairy lights were on, all I could see was black and the little glowing drops of light. I felt utterly confused. Sure I have had sex, but to get all worked up over someone so quickly… It confused me. His hurtful comment that I was a slut had really hit me hard. I pursed my lips and stood up, feeling for the light switch. I flipped it on and walked over to my wardrobe. I was going to shower, I didn’t need the feel of his hands on me. I paused, tempted to call my occasional sex partner over. I needed to get that asshole out of my head. Picking up my phone
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10. Chocolate
ALEJANDRO "Why?" Scarlett asked, frowning. "My guess. You." I said, it was the only logical suggestion. Scarlett had abilities a normal wolf didn’t. The couple exchanged looks and Elijah pulled Scarlett into his arms. Kissing her neck, he inhaled deeply. I could sense the possessiveness and concern rolling off him as his mate tried to calm him, stroking his arms. "I’ll be fine." She said softly. "Mm. That would obviously insinuate that someone was sending them and that they are working with a goal." I said, frowning as I remembered how the Wendigo hadn't attacked Kiara either. Did it hesitate because she perhaps had Scarlett’s scent? Or did she have an ability too? "So, someone from the shadows?" Elijah asked, his arms still wrapped around his mate. "There’s definitely somewhere these things are coming from. Whoever they are, they’re smart. I’m still bringing up a fucking blank and I’ve looked. So that’s why I'm here. I will have some
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