130. Epilogue



"Can someone put the tinsel on the stair rail?!" Raihana shouted.

I looked over at her, the eighteen-year-old was not impressed with getting the décor done. Maria had decided we would go away for Christmas, and since it was the holidays, Rafael had decided against bringing any of the Omegas to work. It was a time to spend with family, he had put it, and I agreed. So here we were, doing it all ourselves.

Not that I minded, I loved all of it.

As werewolves, our main goddess was Selene, but outside of that, we still liked to participate in certain celebrations of other gods and religions. Christmas was not one to miss. After all, who wouldn’t mind some festive feelings.

"I will, Raihana, relax." I told the younger woman as I reached up to the ceiling from my ladder to finish setting the fairy lights.

She had come of age and the next mating ball, there was a chance she may find her mate. Or a

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Valia Almendarez
Love this book love your writing will continue reading the rest of your books hope you make a book about Dante
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liz torres
I loved this book and the end had me laughing so hard love Dante
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Christine Vermilyea Mathis
Bravo!!!!! Bravo!!!!! such a good book!!! I loved it.. can't wait to read the whole series......

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