Chapter 41 - Friend zoned

She looked behind her distraught as she stumbled through the dark path, sobbing.

   She didn't have a destination but the bleak path in front of her was less frightening than the prowling beast waiting to bounce on her.

   She tripped over a piece of wood she had not seen because of the darkness, blood trickled down her leg confirming her suspicion that she had been wounded.

   She fought to stand up, biting her lower lip to stop herself from crying, then crawled not having the courage not to cover any distance at all.

   She heard the sounds of insects and didn't want to think of the possibility of wild animals lurking in the wood, she was currently in.

  She knew nobody, she got nobody. Nothing but a sob story and a desire to get away from what awaited her in her mom's broken trailer.

  "We are here with you baby," Jasmine cooed, "It is just a nightmare. Open your eyes." She tapped Maya lig

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