Chapter Ten

Jewel's POV

I'm sitting in my living room just soaking up everything that just happened. I found my second chance mate, he's an Alpha who's 24 years old and he's been looking for his mate for a long time and gave up after four years of waiting, he gave up on me, but four years is a long time to be fair but it doesn't stop it from hurting knowing that other she wolves have had him before me.It feels unfair of me to judge him after he held out for four years and I've only been able to sense my mate for a year but I can't help it I really can't.

I'm pulled from my thoughts when there's a series of knocks at my door. I look through the spy hole and see the Receptionist from downstairs pacing in front of my door to find out what the matter was she looks so deshelved, I opened my door and was greeted with a slap in the

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goodnovel comment avatar
This book is really great and I’m loving it but am I the only one that’s not getting the whole story? I’m getting half of it I feel like I’m every chapter
goodnovel comment avatar
Vuyo Tshona
No more massing around indeed otherwise someone is going to die
goodnovel comment avatar
dude. you better not mess around. pretty sure she will cut off your ts and use them for earrings.

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