Mystic Wolf

Mystic Wolf

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Language: English
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I Drew Kizmet, Future Alpha of the Crescent Blood Peak Pack here-by reject you Jewel Stuart as my Mate and future Luna of this pack... (He smirked and looked down and me).... I stared directly into his eyes and said.... "I Jewel Stuart of the Crescent Blood Peak Pack here-by accept your rejection... Am I free to go now Drew? I'll be late for Chemistry".... I turn and head to class and I can feel his eyes as well as other students eyes on me as I make my way through the halls and into class... **Jade I know you took the blow of the rejection for me are you okay?...** Yes Jewel I'm fine, just need to rest for a bit..** Okay, thank you for doing that, take your time and rest, I'll check in on you later..**...okay! Later!Jewel was a warrior, the first daughter of Laura and Jaxon Stuart who where 20th generation warriors in their pack. Jewel naturally grew up tough and rough as a fighter which made her a bit of a tom boy but her family loved her and she them.Drew Kizmet the first son and next in line for the Alpha Title of Crescent Blood Peak Pack, His parents Alpha Dustin and Luna Kristen Kizmet are just, fair and strong leaders who intend to pass down their titles once their son finds his mate and go traveling, do things they where unable to do during the years.Lets find out how things play out for Jewel and for Drew.

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Candace Boggs
There are huge chunks of conversations missing from this version of the book. Portions that are important to understand what is going on in the story. I gave up trying to read this.
2023-06-11 07:46:15
user avatar
Lani Heke Kohere
Loved this book, it kept my interest throughout and had me laughing, crying and on the edge of my seat! A great read.
2023-05-08 09:58:51
user avatar
I really enjoyed this made me laugh too loud at times. the storyline was fantastic. great characters and i absolutely enjoy having a strong female lead. although this story needs some serious editing it did not deter me from reading it. Well done author!
2023-04-14 22:18:54
default avatar
Why is this book missing parts of conversations? I have read this book before
2023-04-08 12:42:12
default avatar
Michelle Hirst
I have read this book before. Why is it missing part or the conversation now. They was there before
2023-03-13 06:40:09
user avatar
Rebecca Stamatiou
I don't know how this book doesn't have a 10 rating except that reading the spoken dialog is hard. grammer is a little rough too. but the story and characters... 20 out of 10. female lead is amazing and strong. lots of juicy s*x too!
2023-03-08 04:52:11
user avatar
Kristina Campbell
this a really good book.
2023-02-01 03:25:00
user avatar
Good story, terrible writing. Needs major editing.
2023-01-21 09:06:02
user avatar
Cassie Martin
This is an excellent story with extremely Terrible editing.
2022-09-22 04:03:17
default avatar
Violeta Cristaldo
Excelente tema
2022-08-18 12:11:26
default avatar
Divya Sood Saini
Love the book!!
2022-06-15 11:17:10
user avatar
love this bk
2022-04-28 09:05:00
user avatar
Tina Kelley
I absolutely loved this book. only problem is that it left some questions...How does her grandmother know Charity??? things like that
2022-03-01 21:20:55
user avatar
Tammy Miller
Just started ready this book, Iam really enjoying it.
2022-02-16 05:06:41
user avatar
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was very entertaining. Well done. I had a hard time putting it down! I loved the ending and follow up, so we knew how all of the characters fared. Look forward to more of your books! <3
2022-01-26 12:22:01
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94 Chapters
Chapter One
Jewels POV Today is a very rainy day, I love days like this, the rain feels as though it’s cleansing the world as it falls and washes away, well my human side loves the rain, Jade my wolf, not so much as the feel of wet fur and the smell of wet dog is not a sexy look or feel at all. I am kind of bummed that today of all days is my birthday and it's raining like crazy but the Pack is going nuts because today the Alphas son Drew will be returning from his two-year training and re-join the rest of us at school along with his chosen Beta Jahmal, yippiee note the sarcasm but Jade seems kind of uneasy and excited at the same time for some reason, I on the other hand cannot be bothered, as I doubt he’d be any different to the others that like to poke fun at me for no reason. I do have to admit that Drew is indeed good looking but not my cup of coffee plus he's a man whore first of all and total jerk, to me at least. Pardon my manners for just starting my rant without even introducing my
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Chapter Two
Finally! another school is over and I am on my way home to get ready to attend the party being held for Drew and Jahmal after all the Alpha made It mandatory that all pack members attend to welcome their Alpha and Beta to be, home, yayyy right? My sister has been driving me nuts about my outfit but as per usual I wear what I feel comfortable in, I'm clad with my favorite white button up shirt and jeans with my brown leather strap sandals, at least I didn't wear boots! I look pretty hot to me, it's not like I'm dressing to impress anyone or anything, I head downstairs and my sisters roll their eyes at me, they're wearing pretty dresses and make up with heels, meh! Jace leaves the comfort of the couch and comes over to me so we can take a selfie together to post to his I*******m then as routine when we are all dressed up together we pose for a picture together for my Mother's photo album, I tell you it's thicker than a dictionary, after out photoshoot we all head out, my parents drive
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Chapter Three
Jewel's POV I spent my entire weekend in hiding but that's about to end because it's Monday and I can't ditch school today because I have a big Chemistry test that shoulders a lot of points I need for the school term to pass... sigh...I roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to shower and get ready... Today I opted for skinny jeans a fitted shirt and plad button down jacket to cover with my Vans...""Good morning all"" ....*morning* they all say at once... we sit down to our breakfast of toast, bacon, egg and cheese omelette with my favorite French Vanilla Coffee... we make our usual small talk... my dad is also a Chemistry geek so we talk about my exam today and how he's sure
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Chapter Four
Drews' POVZED {{YOU IDIOT!!! HOW COULD YOU REJECT OUR MATE?...SHE WAS BORN TO BE WITH US TO BE APART OF US FOREVER!!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?!...}}((Would you be quiet please Zed you're giving me a migraine!... You heard what Quinn and the others said... She sleeps around a lot especially with the warriors... I don't want someone like that as my mate or Luna...))ZED {{ YOU REALLY ARE A FOOL.. HOW DID I END UP WITH YOU AS MY HUMAN?.... YOU JUST RETURNED AFTER BEING AWAY FOR YEARS AND WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER OF IF WHAT THAT WHORE SAID IS THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR MATE!! }}((Her friends said the same thing Zed, they won't lie...what benefit would that be to them?))
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Chapter Five
Jewel's POV It's been four days since my rejection, my parents have been pretty livid and extremely over protective of me to the point that it's suffocating to me. I do love them to bits but the kind and amount of attention they are giving to me is way to much, they even told me I could skip school, however I am a lot of things but not a coward, never was and never will be. Plus I have exams, my exams that determine if I get to go to college or not there's no way I'm missing out on that. Even though I'm not sure if my parents would let me leave the pack to attend college because that would mean I'd be going rogue for about five years or more if I chose to come back after I complete my courses, but that's a battle for another time especially with my mom and brother, hmmm this rejection actually could work in my
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Chapter Six
One week laterJewel's POVI spent most of my time packing and organizing my stuff to leave. I had obviously decided it was best to let the Alpha and Luna know of my departure, they where not too happy about their strongest warrior going rogue but they understood my reason and respected my choice, the Alpha also told me the reason why Quinn was going to be named Luna and I found it befitting and fair, her mate really did dodge a bullet though I can't say the same for my ex-mate. I finish my packing and load my stuff into my car, I am excited, anxious and nervous at the same time. No one besides my family, the Alpha and Luna knows that I'm leaving and I intend to leave it that way, it's not like I have anyone that would miss me besid
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Chapter Seven
Jewel's POVI finally make it into town around 2:30 PM, I spent quite a lot of time just soaking up the ocean air and the views it was so damn magical. I even ended up in a video conference call with my family showing them the beach, my sisters where ecstatic and asked if they could come visit once I settled down to which my dad quickly shot down, not wanting any more of his children leave and be so far away from him and mom.The city is absoultely perfect, there's so much scenery to take in as I slowly drive by taking it all in. School doesn't start for another two months so I have a lot of time to get acquainted with the area, first thing first I need to find a place to stay that's not too far away from Campus, I stop a few times and ask around for the Campus location, once I know where it's located then I can
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Chapter Eight
Jewel's POVI pull into the parking lot of the supermarket and grab a cart as I head inside, I slowly walk through the aisles and put what I need into my cart. I turn to head down into the snack aisle and I can sense them, their power before I meet them, Wolves, high ranking wolves, Jade is alert and vigilant and ready to go if bad comes to worse. I see two buff looking guys further down the aisle looking intently at me. It seems they know I'm a rouge, but I'm sure I'm not in anyone's territory, I continue my shopping and notice that they appear to be following me through the aisle sigh, let's just get this over with, I slow to a stop and wait for them to approach me.Guy 1 --> Hello there friend, never seen you in these parts before. He said as they move closer to me still, probably to make s
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Chapter Nine
Drew's POVI'm going out of my mind right now, today is the day of the Luna crowning ceremony and when I officially become Alpha of the pack, I was told that I've been asleep for four whole days. I don't feel as strong as I used to and my dad has pointed out that it's because Jewel left our pack, sigh. I feel like such a fking fool! I really should've listened to Jahmal and Zed and give her a chance instead of allowing myself to be led by the nose now look at me! I'm stuck with Quinn! damnnit! Maybe I can get her back as a mistress or something, yeah I can do that!  as long as she's around everything should be fine right?<< Who are you kidding idiot? she would never settle as a mistress and I would never want to degrade my mate in such a way, you made our bed now lay in it plus we are not weak
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Chapter Ten
Jewel's POVI'm sitting in my living room just soaking up everything that just happened. I found my second chance mate, he's an Alpha who's 24 years old and he's been looking for his mate for a long time and gave up after four years of waiting, he gave up on me, but four years is a long time to be fair but it doesn't stop it from hurting knowing that other she wolves have had him before me.It feels unfair of me to judge him after he held out for four years and I've only been able to sense my mate for a year but I can't help it I really can't.I'm pulled from my thoughts when there's a series of knocks at my door. I look through the spy hole and see the Receptionist from downstairs pacing in front of my door to find out what the matter was she looks so deshelved, I opened my door and was greeted with a slap in the
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