I stand in the shadows not far from where Maverick is surrounded by the two kings and the princesses loved ones; I watch as the King asks him where the princesses are, but he doesn't tell him. I laugh to myself when he actually has the balls to admit to the King and the princess's mates that he actually attacked them and enjoyed their bodies. I guess my fun is nearly over. It won't take too long for them to realise where they are and in what direction they are heading and what place they are near.

I watch until the King allows Alpha Stefan to finish him off. I then make my way to Angus's bunker, where we have just put the princesses. Like I told Maverick when I bought him into this, I would act like I never knew what he was doing. He was just my patrol partner. I never spent any time with him outside of our patrol or sparring sessions.

I unlock the door and make my way in; I check on them and they are still out from the gas, so I go around and pick up my backpack as it is the on
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