Choosing between Dragon and Werewolf

Choosing between Dragon and Werewolf

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Veronica Darren, a university student at a private university in Waterford city, has just received a shipment of a box filled with red shoes that turns out to be shoes designed by a famous shoe designer — Karl Smith. When she discussed her findings with her two friends, Erna Chen and Bianca Pedrosa, a man named Stephen Laurent claimed to have come to pick her up at the residence of Karl Smith, the famous shoe designer. Even more surprising, Stephen told her that the man is a werewolf, Karl Smith is a dragon, and it turns out that Bianca Pedrosa is a vampire!She, who fell in love with Stephen at first sight, was curious about the figure of Karl Smith who never appears in public. Will she stay with Stephen, who has caught her eye from the start of their meeting, or is she attracted to the mysterious figure of Karl Smith?

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Carmen Irene
I really love this book! I love when the author describe their characters and their problems, very clear and I can feel the mystery from this storyline. But what I love the most is the relationship between Bianca and her brother, Theo. They're really sweet as siblings 😍
2021-03-24 09:31:43
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Chapter 1
"Your package, Miss Darren."   Veronica Darren raised an eyebrow, amazed. She remembered very well that she did not order anything this month. Her older sister did not send anything either, because if she did, her older sister would have told her first.   "Package? For me?"   The courier man confirmed the position of his hat. It was difficult for her to recognize the courier because the man was wearing a mask and hat that covered his face. Only his voice indicated that the courier who was currently waiting for her signature was a man. Her feelings were starting to feel bad. The way the man was looking at her also seemed strange. Should she accept the package or not?   "Yes. Please sign here,” the man handed her a pen along with the receipt form. Reluctantly, she signed the form while glancing at the man’s name tag in front of her.   Gustav. She already memorizes that man’s name.&
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Chapter 2
Veronica's eyes blinked, could not believe what she had just seen at this moment, continued to stare at the 185 centimetre-tall man who was staring at her while wearing a warm smile that could dazzle anyone's eyes. It was like she was now desperately trying to calm her noisy heart just because she saw the strange man's smile. That smile was strangely, far more dazzling than the smile Bianca always showed to all the women Bianca met.   “Yes?” she said after managed to control herself, controlling her heartbeat, which was no longer as fast as before. “How do you know my name?”   The man reluctantly pulled out the chair before asking permission from all of them, sitting on the chair with his eyes still on Veronica, placing the menu book back on the table. Erna also looked shocked at the presence of that man's figure, because her friend did not say anything at all with her mouth half-open before Erna's eyes were blocked by Bianca's hand which ha
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Chapter 3
Veronica could no longer hide her shock as she entered what Stephen called the home of his friend, Karl Smith. It took the. fifteen minutes to reach around the front yard of the Karl Smith residence. Since they entered this place, she saw several men in black uniforms who did not hide their dislike at the sight of Stephen. The man himself seemed to ignore their rude response, instead of whistling softly, as if not realizing it.    Ah, no. To be precisely, that man was clearly aware of it. Without hesitation, Stephen crashed the car he was driving into the three men who were standing in front of the car. Stephen casually opened the window, poking his head from the window, laughing softly.   "Oops. Are you okay? Sorry. I really didn't mean to do it."   She did not find any regretful in his tone, so she questioned the man's sincerity when apologizing. Without waiting for the answers from the three men who were grimacin
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Chapter 4
Veronica was stunned. Let Stephen, who had just returned after his business was finished, escort her home. She was mentally shaken after he declared his interest in her which she thought was too sudden so she did not listen to Karl afterwards. Her brain went blank. Like a F4-size paper book which was still white, losing all the scribbles that had decorated the book. She could not process what she just heard from the black-haired man with an Asian face. In fact, she forgot to thank Stephen for bringing her home.   "Nikki? Hello?"   A heavy pat on her shoulder brought her back to her senses. She turned around, looked at Stephen who was standing behind her, laughing softly at her.   "Finally you're awake. Your forehead will soon hit the door of your own apartment."  
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Chapter 5
Only this time was he, Stephen Laurent, felt so nervous.Carrying a bouquet of red roses that were usually loved by all his girlfriends, Stephen continued to wait anxiously while pressing the bell button for Nikki's apartment.   Yesterday, Nikki was angry with him, and he did not understand the reason why she was angry. He did not feel like he was saying anything that offended her. Instead, he carefully chooses every word he said so it would not hurt Nikki's feelings, given her special condition. Even though he still did not understand the reason behind Nikki's anger, he better initiate to apologize. Usually, this fresh, organic rose bouquet would always do the trick.   He hoped so.   Still no answer from Nikki. Again, he pressed the bell for his apartment. "Just a second!"   Nikki's voice was heard from inside, looking in a hurry. He had heard a loud crash from inside. Was tha
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Chapter 6
After dropping her off in front of her campus building, Stephen immediately left her without saying a word. Even though the man promised to explain everything in the car. For a moment, she saw Stephen's face, who was so worried, that she tried to not mind Stephen's attitude.   She took a deep breath, tidying her belongings on the table. Her smartphone which she changed to vibrate mode so as not to disturb her concentration when she was in class vibrated several times, indicating an incoming call. She paused the activity of tidying up her things, reached for her smartphone which was to her right side, pressed the green button when she saw the name on her smartphone screen.   "Hello, Sis," she said, clutching her smartphone to her left shoulder while she went back to tidying up her things. "What's wrong? It's rare for you to call me at this time."   “I didn't bother you, right? Still in class?" asked her older sister—Febri
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Chapter 7
Bianca's eyes glanced outwardly at Veronica, who was chatting with the man yesterday, Stephen Laurent. Not the kind of guy she could trust to look after Veronica really. But her older brother—Theodore Pedrosa, asked her to trust him. If her brother believed that man, then she must believe it too. She did not understand why Theo could easily give permission to the man without paying attention to the territory entry permit protocol as was usually emphasized on all werewolves and vampires who intend to enter Pedrosa's territory. The man asked permission five minutes before entering his family territory. Five minutes! Whereas it should have been, if a foreign party wanted to enter the Pedrosa area, the permit could only be obtained at the earliest the day before they enter.No, no. She better not think about it anymore. Her brother clearly did not mind it, which meant there was a high chance that her brot
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Chapter 8
Veronica looked at the screen of her smartphone, full of worry. It was been a week since Bianca said she would investigate the vampires who had come to her apartment, and until now she has not heard from her best friend. She repeatedly sent chats to Bianca, hoping that her best friend would reply to her messages. Unfortunately, there was no answer. Not even read her text. Likewise with Stephen. Since that day she has not heard anything from the man, making her regret not having asked for the man's LINE ID on the first day of their meeting. Now, how should she contact that guy?Urgh ...Why was she so stupid, anyway?She ruffled her hair, buried her head on the table in Karl Smith's library room where she was now. When she looked up, she found the figure of Karl Smith who was covering under his nose while laughing softly, standing leaning against the side of the table beside her."Karl!" Reflexively she jumped in surprise. "When did you come here?""Just no
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Chapter 9
Arriving at the Pedrosa family residence, where Bianca lived, she immediately got out of the car before Karl opened the door. She ran, intercepting one of the maids who stood beside the entrance to the house, asking the sad-eyed maid to lead her to Bianca's room. The maid looked doubtful when she saw it, but as soon as Karl, who had caught up with her, stood behind her, the maid finally willing to escort her to Bianca's room.The place where they were now looked magnificent, although not as large as Karl's mansion. Since she arrived at the Pedrosa residence, she saw many people walking in and out. Their condition was terrible. Her eyes caught two people holding a stretcher, carrying the body of a man who was no longer moving into the house. The man's wounds were so severe, they were bleeding profusely (she had thought that vampire blood was dark black or green, but it turned out to be normal like human blood) that she could not bear to see it. The man's body was destroyed, bur
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Chapter 10
A month has passed since she stayed at Karl's house after visiting Bianca's mother's funeral. She could not invite Erna in fear of Bianca's identity as a vampire, so she could not help but notify Erna a few days later. Of course, it did not end all right. Erna was disappointed in her as well as Bianca, cutting off contact with the two of them, making her feel guilty. She did not even greet her nor say hello at all when she was on campus. Bianca herself has not shown up. Given how shocked Bianca was at that time, she felt that Bianca did still need more time to accept her mother's death. It was a bit surprising, considering that Bianca never brought up her family at all. Only once did her best friend talk about her family, it was full of emotion and her annoyance at her parents who kept her older brother—Theodore Pedrosa, away from her when they had just graduated from high school. After that, Bianca never discussed her family again.
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