Chapter 60


I couldn’t think of a time that I felt more pleasure, just by giving my full attention to a female. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted more, but just touching her and tasting her was invigorating. The satisfaction I felt when she moaned and squirmed under my touch made me relish my actions.

She was so pure and untouched. Every reaction I received was a gift. When my hand moved over her body, she quivered under my touch. It was as if the parts of her body were coming alive at each area I touched. As I continued to suckle her breast, I trailed my hand down her side until I reached the top of her pants.

I was tempted to remove them and let her experience just how it would feel with me touching her, between her thighs. Instead, I brushed my fingers lightly across the tender flesh between her hip bones, just above her where her pants hugged her hips.

She practically convulsed under my touch, her quivering intensified and she let out the most erotic moan I

Raelyn Karson

I am sorry for the delay in uploading a chapter. I just had emergency dental surgery done and was unable to update. After I get a bit of rest, I will upload a few more chapters. Again, I am sorry for making you all wait for my next update.

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Bella Jersey
Tate don’t you feel dumb and mean
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Abba Cadava
Sorry, about your dental surgery, get some rest. This story is well worth the wait.
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This was a great chapter to read from Tate's POV.

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