Contract Luna

Contract Luna

By:  Raelyn Karson  Completed
Language: English
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Brooklyn Blakley was classified as an Omega. She endured countless years of torment and abuse from her pack. Even though technically she wasn't an Omega, she wasn't able to reveal her true identity. When she was five she became an orphan and was taken in by the Alpha of the Lunar Eclipse pack. He only wanted her as a slave and she had never truly been accepted by the pack. On her eighteenth birthday, she find out that her biggest tormentors were planning to kill her. But when the son of the Alpha, the future Alpha realizes she is his fated mate, he can no longer look at her. He rejects her and then leaves her to die in the woods. Alpha Tatum Gunner had lost his mate three years ago. The elders are forcing him to take a Luna or he will have to step down. There is no one in Black Fang pack he wants to make as his chosen mate. He had no problem bedding the she-wolves in his pack, but there was nothing more he wanted from another female. There is only one girl he has ever loved. When he comes across a she-wolf in the forest, he thinks he has found his answer. He offers her a place in his pack. In exchange he wants her to sign a one year contract to act as his Luna. She has to carry his mark as his mate, but will not claim her. Once the year is up, he will find another pack for her to go. Will his ruthlessness towards her push her away when he realizes she is his second chance mate? What will happen when Brooklyn's truth comes to light?

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Contract Luna is a gripping werewolf tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story follows Luna, a young werewolf who is forced to sign a contract that will bind her to a pack for the rest of her life. However, the pack's leader is not what he seems, and Luna must navigate dangerous territory to uncover the truth and protect her pack. It has a 4.5/5-star rating. "Contract Luna" is highly recommended to any fan of the werewolf genre. With its engaging plot and well-developed characters, it will keep you hooked until the very end.

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I love this book and am very thankful for the audio option as I prefer to use this. Please update the audio options for your other novels too
2023-10-21 20:16:34
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Racheal Dennis
Great book. It reminds me of Wymond The Cursed Beast. You can check it out here in goodnovel.
2023-07-27 13:44:10
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2023-06-03 06:33:47
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Worth the time to read this! I love this book! And i love i found this author! Though i wish there was more on brook and her father but overall this is a pretty good read! Thank you author!
2023-05-31 07:54:37
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Tiffany Martin
I loved the book! Great storyline. I loved the scene descriptions for the battles as well as the steamy parts. Great job!
2023-05-24 04:54:37
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Really enjoyed this book. I could not put it down.
2023-04-16 22:48:41
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JC 7
4000 points makes this book cost $25 too much
2023-03-26 05:00:18
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Plot is good but very slow moving. Be prepared to purchase 4-6 chapters at a time to finish a scene.
2022-12-15 13:42:13
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T White
Great book!
2022-12-10 06:17:22
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Samantha Sturgeon
Really good!!
2022-09-17 07:21:34
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Livvy Valentene
This is one of my faves on here..and I have read alot!! went to find another of your books and just realised there's the sequel .Eric's story! starting that now. read this in a day! love your work
2022-09-15 16:22:33
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AMAZING BOOK!! I couldn’t put it down!! I love the strong characters
2022-08-16 04:13:09
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Nan kcl
Great moving on to another story, now moving on to i'm sure another great story, Contract Beta
2022-07-09 08:39:11
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Ifeoluwa Feyikemi
I love this ...️
2022-07-08 03:43:50
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busisiwe sisanda
I love this book. One of the greatest most interesting books I have read thus far. Keep up the good work Author :-).
2022-06-30 03:28:30
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128 Chapters
Chapter 1
Tatum- The pain of losing my first love still haunts me. For the past three years, I have been surrounding myself with women I can’t necessarily stand, but give me a distraction from what I lost. That and whiskey, lots of it. The only time I have been able to sleep without the demons of my past from haunting me, is by making sure I was thoroughly drunk. As a werewolf, it wasn’t an easy feat. Unlike humans, when we drank we needed a lot of alcohol to even feel the effects of it. We could get drunk but for us, it was like drinking a fifth of whiskey compared to their one beer. So if it takes five beers to get a human drunk, we would need five of the equivalent in hard liquor. Basically, we just needed nearly ten times the amount of alcohol in our system to be effective. With the way our metabolism burns through it. It didn’t last long, which is probably why I was once again up pouring myself a big glass of whiskey. Taking a large gulp, I turned to face my bed.
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Chapter 2
Brooklyn- Bile rose from the pit of my stomach. I had one more day of hell to endure until I will finally be finished with school. Not that I didn’t like school, I just hated the constant torment I received on a daily basis. The only solitary I had was when I was home. It wasn’t much of a home, but it offered me a little security. At least here I could be away from everyone else and not be beaten constantly. Living in an abandoned house just on the edge of the territory wasn’t ideal, but here I was left alone. The house was barely a shell of what it once was. There were no doors or windows and holes were scattered all throughout the house. I had no heat or electricity, which made winters brutal. Luckily the house had a basement, even if it wasn’t much but a dirt hole under the house just big enough for me to crawl around, sleep and do my homework in peace. After years of ridicule and torment from my pack, I was finally eighteen today and after school,
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Chapter 3
Brooklyn- Arriving at the school, I shoved my bag into my locker and pulled out the textbook I needed for my first class. Shutting the door, I made my way into the janitor's closet just down the hall. It was the only place I could hide away since I was the one who did all the cleaning at the school. Not today though, as soon as my last class was over, I was leaving. They can deal with the cleaning from here on out. Picking up the library book I had stashed on one of the shelves, I lowered myself to the floor and pushed my back against the door. It was a bit of a habit, though no one has ever come in here, I didn’t want to take the chance of being caught off guard. With the book in hand, I opened it up to become engulfed in the story. Reading was like an escape for me, it was the only thing I had that wasn’t a living nightmare. At least reading, I could pretend that I was one of the characters of the book. Currently, I was reading about a woman who had
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Chapter 4
Brooklyn- Finally, I was free. As soon as the bell had rung, I ran to my locker and grabbed my bookbag, then shoved the folder that held all of my final grades for each class in it. Without closing the locker door, I made a beeline for the closest exit. As soon as I was outside, I ran in the direction of the tree line that would lead me to my freedom. Just a couple more hundred yards and I could be across the border and renounce the pack as mine. I heard the sound of yelling behind me, but I didn’t slow my pace, if anything I ran faster. I couldn’t make out what the yelling was about over the sound of my pulse thumping loudly against my eardrums. I was a fast runner, so whatever it was, I was fast enough to get away before it was too late. Or so I thought as just as my feet crossed the territory line, I felt something crash into me and I was flung forward and landed face first in the dirt. In no time at all, before I could even catch the breath that had been
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Chapter 5
Tatum-That had been the most gruesome several hours of my life. After spending most of the day with Mathew, the Alpha of the Lunar Eclipse pack, I was ready to get the hell out of here. I understood that the elders were trying to create an alliance with the pack, but I didn’t want to make Mathew’s high-maintenance daughter my mate.I didn’t even want a mate. I had a mate already, but she had been killed by hunters three years ago. It pissed me off that the elders were giving me an ultimatum. Find a Luna or step down as Alpha of the Black Fang pack. There was no way in hell I was going to step down as Alpha.I will find a Luna, but it will be on my terms. It definitely won’t be one that will share my bed. I had plenty of she-wolves to take care of my needs. I wasn’t going to get attached to someone that I knew I would never love. My heart had gone with my mate the day she died.“She was a royal bitch. No wonder her mate
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Chapter 6
Brooklyn-My attention shifted nervously between this Alpha that was standing between me and my freedom and the truck that just pulled up. I was barely able to stand on my own two feet and now I was going to have to deal with him and whoever was in the truck.If I felt like I could make a run for it, I would. Every bone and muscle in my body ached from the beating I just received. Why couldn’t I catch a break?“I want to offer you a deal.” Alpha Tatum said.I took a step back, just wanting to be as far away from him as possible, but I stopped because as much as I wanted away from him, I wanted to get away from Chad and his goons more. My head was spinning and my heart was racing. He may have seemed like he wasn’t going to hurt me, but how sure could I really be?"What kind of deal?" I asked skeptically.I learned a long time ago not to trust anyone. My thoughts started going a hundred miles a minute as I tried to figu
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Chapter 7
Tatum-My patience was starting to wear thin. Had this even been a good idea? I had figured it was a smart idea, but a bold move. I don’t know anything about this girl, other than I was half tempted to go and show the punks that did this to her a lesson in not beating a female. I don’t care if she did something to them or not. No female deserved this, ever.Was I really this desperate to get a Luna though? Granted it helped that no one knew her and she didn’t know me and with the contract, I wouldn’t actually have to mate with her. It took five years for an Alpha to create new laws for the pack when they took over.I took over the pack one month after I turned eighteen, I still had just shy of one more year until I could change the law that governs that an Alpha must have a Luna. Things have been fine for the last three years, so obviously I didn’t need a Luna to run a pack.As I stood there, waiting for Brook to decide, I wa
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Chapter 8
Brooklyn-The sound of beeping woke me up, rolling over, I groaned as I tried to hit the snooze on my alarm clock. For the first time since I could remember, I felt comfortable. I didn’t know why the ground felt soft, but at this point, I really didn’t care. Without opening my eyes, I reached in the direction of where I usually kept my alarm clock, but I felt nothing.Lowering my arm I tried feeling around for the dirt I was so familiar with, but again I felt nothing. What the hell? I opened up my eyes and didn’t recognize the room I was in. Well, I knew it was a hospital room, but I don’t remember ever being in one.Sitting up, I looked around the room and tried to remember where I was, but I was drawing a blank. The last thing I remembered was agreeing to a deal with Alpha Tatum and sitting in his truck. But how did I end up here? I was sitting on an oversized hospital bed, covered in plain white sheets. Looking down I saw I was in a li
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Chapter 9
Tatum- With the contract in hand, I waited outside the room Brook was in. I hadn’t expected her to be out as long as she did and I was starting to wonder if she would even wake up at all. It did give me time to get all the details in order with the contract though, I just hoped she didn’t change her mind. Considering I had already spilled the beans to my mother when she pushed about the mate ordeal. A few minutes passed when I finally heard a Brook grant me permission to enter. Clutching the envelope that held the contract, I opened the door. I saw her sitting in the bed, covered by the bland hospital blanket that I always thought seemed itchy. She looked a lot better than she had, but her face was still bruised and slightly swollen. I had thought she would be dressed since Dr. Masters had told me she had left her to get changed, yet she remained in the hospital gown. Shutting the door, I moved to the chair sitting next to the bed and sat down. “How a
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Chapter 10
Brooklyn- I can’t believe I actually did it. It was now official. I was once again a member of a pack and had agreed to an insane list of rules. Not that I minded the rules, they were nothing compared to the rules I had before. I was just blown away by what kind of rules there were. I mean who in their right mind would agree to a nondisclosure agreement just to sleep with someone? That was one rule I wasn’t going to break, I had no intentions of being with anyone. As far as the benefits package, the only thing that caught my attention was the allowance. It wasn’t that I really cared so much for the money, but with that amount, in a year's term, I could save up to about sixty thousand dollars. That would give me a chance to set up a comfortable life for myself. I know he said he would help me at the end of term, but I didn’t want to just be given a handout. At least with the allowance, I could do something to earn it. After I had signed the contract, he had me
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