Chapter 65


Now that Skye was out, I was thinking maybe it hadn’t been such a great idea. Everyone was staring at me like I was a freak or something. Whispers fell over everyone, all jumbled together so I couldn’t understand what anyone is saying. I heard Eric and Tate’s voices in the mix, but couldn’t understand what they said over the many other voices around the arena.

Chasity hasn’t made an attempt to attack me since I shifted and I was thinking maybe it was a good thing. Skye and I were both nervous about the attention we were receiving. What was it that was so different about my wolf that everyone was acting this way? Had I been wrong to show Skye?

I looked over at Chasity, who had her tail between her legs and was visibly shaking. Taking a step towards her, I froze in place when she took off in a dead run from the arena. She had been afraid of me. Not a basic fear that is normal for others, it was the kind of fear that ran deep

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Comments (4)
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Bella Jersey
I want Brook to do two things kick ass as her human side to show she’s not weak. Then I want to let Skye out to have a snack
goodnovel comment avatar
Ebunoluwa Osoko
Putting this kind of plot twist will actually lose you readers. Wolves are not this stupid to not know that they have crossed another Alpha's border and especially the one that abused her human. In wolf form Skye should be more in control and not the other way. it's getting stupid now 100+ chaptrs
goodnovel comment avatar
Marjorie Sparks
could you make Tatum a little more alpha like. hes kind of stupid.

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