Chapter 70


It was Tate’s voice that snapped me back to reality. What was I doing? This wasn’t me. Even after everything Chad has done to me, I have never wished him harm. It was one thing to defend myself, but this was something different entirely. Taking a step back, I watched as Chad struggled to get up.

“Brook?” Tate spoke again, this time sounding closer.

I looked over at him to find he was in human form. The fact he was naked didn’t faze me at all at this moment. It wasn’t like this was the first time seeing a man naked, especially after a shift. It was natural for our kind. What caught my attention though, was the look in his eyes.

Concern was etched across his features. I didn’t have to ask to know it was I, he was concerned for. I had lost myself for a moment and was willing to let my anger and frustration take over my own morals. I had only ever wanted to make sure what happened to me before didn’t h

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Bella Jersey
There’s no way Chad is gonna sit back and take that lost easily
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Alisha Griffiths
simply fantastic

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