Chapter 75


The idea of learning more about my father was tempting, though at this point I wasn’t sure if I was ready to learn. I had thought maybe I was, but thinking about it now, I wasn’t. I felt like I needed to figure out who I was first.

If my father was really this Legendary Crescent Wolf, he was well known and feared. Right now I didn’t think I was able to even live up to the name. Besides, if he hadn’t actually known my father personally, how much of the information he had was accurate?

He had been a young boy and that had been years ago. What information he did have could be limited and misconstrued. Shaking my head, I decided right now wasn’t the time. He may not even have much information to give me, at least anything I was interested in knowing.

Sure, it would be nice hearing about him, but I was more interested in who he was as a person and less about his legacy.

“That is okay, the offer is available

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Yes Skye! She should have let her feel the breaking of the mate bond. She wouldn’t be so silly right now.
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im with the wolf on this one. I really thought she was cool she's starting to get annoying ...
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Yes just like skye said

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