Chapter 87


When I woke up the next morning, I was still feeling great. It was as if I woke up in the clouds. Still wrapped up in Tate’s arms, he was still sleeping. Not wanting to wake him, I gently moved away from him. I paused a few times when I thought I disturbed his sleep.

After seeing he still wasn’t waking up, I slipped out of bed. Walking on the tips of my toes, I pulled out a pair of jeans and a tank top out of the closet. Leaving the room, I softly closed the door and headed into the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for me to get my shower over with and dressed. I wanted to make it as quickly as possible so I could get breakfast started. Yesterday I had been surprised with breakfast, this time I wanted to do it for him.

Moving around the kitchen, careful not to bang pans around, I found myself smiling. This was very different from growing up where I had to sneak around the kitchen just so I didn’t wake anyone. Now it was rath

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I skipped about 6 chapters to see if the storyline evolved. Turns out there was no need to read them; there is so little tangible content that you don’t miss much by skipping 5-10% of the book at a time. Saved me 150-300 coins to do this. Unfortunately, I think I will leave the book as it is.
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Ashley Schuster
I'm just wondering if this book is done? either forgotten or not going to update?
goodnovel comment avatar
When will this be updated?

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