Josh grabbed my bags in one hand, holding my waist in the other as we leave the restaurant. He was treating me like a child, like I was a fragile thing to be taken care of.

Going back to the car, Josh informed me that his friends would be joining us. He said he wants us to celebrate our engagement with his friends.

I left the paper bag in his car and he carried my handbag like before. He did it without feeling embarrassing or obligated. He was genuinely willing to.

The valet at Club Syndrome greeted us, as we entered the club. It was now considered a relatively high-class club, unlike the last time I went here, two years ago. It was now one of the cons for building a nightclub on the 40th story.

The pros were that the view from up there was amazing, there were three floors to the club. The bar, stage, and dance floor, which was the ground with the VIP sofas, darts machines, and pool tables occupied the mezzanine floor.

The rooftop bar
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