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Love For The Wicked Book One. Devin, a stereotypical playboy billionaire, wears a ruthless CEO’s charade. Life was perfect for him that way until he realized he had a gem in his office all this time. Innocent, kind, and compassionate Ren never thought she’d fall in love with her boss a.k.a. the Devil. The same man who made her life miserable for three excruciating long years. Love made their opposite worlds collide. Love surpassed the walls Devin and Ren surrounded their hearts. When obstacles arise, will love be enough to let forgiveness in? Can love mend the rift that is caused by the same passion that pulled them together? ~~ “Ren! Wait!” Devin’s strode was huge enough to reach me before I could walk away from the mansion. The dawn was slowly breaking, boasting its beauty in my face as Devin wrapped his arms around me from behind. “Please, let’s talk this through.” “I have to go...” to get as far away as possible from you. He buried his face in my hair and whispered, “don’t leave me, please… I love you.” ~~ [Mature Content] Cover by DobolyuV

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70 Chapters
A.K.A The Devil
“Ms. Green,” I looked up from my computer immediately after hearing Mr. Mávros’, my boss’ voice. He didn’t even wait for my response because before I could speak, “I need the Milan files at seven a.m. tomorrow.” Mr. Devin Carlo Mávros, also known as the Devil, has been my boss for three years, and as his P.A., I knew better than to make reasons with him, but not tonight. I have a date. “Those papers are due next Friday.” As soon as I saw the crease forming on his forehead, I stood up and explained my stand further. “The marketing department hasn’t given me their reports, Sir.” I took my black notepad and checked what day it was, although I knew it precisely. It’s Friday, and the meeting for the proposed Milan hotel happened only last Monday. It’ll take up to two weeks to finish a feasibility study with a complete team, give or take. I can finish it alone in t
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“Good luck with the date,” Coleen mumbled, parking her car in front of my apartment building. She lives two blocks away from my place, and she drops me off from time to time. With my Mávros Enterprises salary, I can afford to buy a car, but I enjoy the rush of riding public transportation somehow, so I take the bus to work in the morning and walk home after. It’s a thirty-minute walk, but I love the exercise, and besides, Manhattan is such a pretty place at night. “Thank you, and thanks for helping me with the paper,” I hugged her after I unbuckled my seatbelt and slid out of her car. “Call me after,” she teased. “I want to know every detail of your lovemaking.” Shaking my head, I responded with a mocking grin, “you need a boyfriend.” She rolled her eyes and stuck ou
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It must’ve looked like I had tummy problems for Mr. Mávros’ lips to twitch. “Thank you, Sir,” I lowered my head, gazing at the tip of my black shoes. When Mr. Mávros didn’t speak, I looked up again and saw him already browsing his phone. So much for paying attention to me. Dream on Green. Why would he even care to spare you a second glance? Your boyfriend dumped you on your anniversary! “Is there anything else, Ms. Green?” he muttered after a few moments. I didn’t realize that I was zoning out. “No, Sir, I- I’ll-I better go. Have a nice day, Sir.” I spun on my heels, knowing well that my cheeks were in flames from embarrassment. I let out a deep breath as soon as the door ki
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where is my coffee?
~Devin~‘’I know what it looks like, Sharon’’ I held her icy hands again but she pulled away like my touch burned her. ‘’The media is making me look bad, come on now. I could never do that to you.’’ I lied.
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~Devin~ The replacement disappeared like a bubble popping out of thin air, and I am left alone with my thoughts. She left? She fucking left? I fired her more than once, and this is the first time she actually followed my orders. Whenever she makes a mistake, I always fire her, but the next day, when I see my coffee waiting for me at my desk, my anger fades and we start over like we used to. Not that we actually talked about any of it, it was just a mutual understanding. I dialed Ms. Green’s personal number, but she wasn’t picking up her phone. “Fuck!” I cursed loudly. What am I doing? Chasing after that bratty P.A.? Thousands of people around New York want her position and she just left?
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~Devin~ I offered her as her big green jade eyes widened in surprise. Those eyes, why was she hiding them in her thick glasses? That’s my favorite shade of green, just like Mom’s. 
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~Ren~‘’So you’re going back to Manhattan?’’ Cali asked. My half-sister looks a lot like Mr. Reed, blond, emerald eyes, creamy ski
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~Ren~Days went on and Mr. Mávros’ pleasant attitude towards me continued. Even Angie and Coleen were both curious as to why the devil hadn’t unleashed hell for about two weeks now. That’s a record, a milestone for me, I guess.
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~Ren~‘’Ms. Green’’ Mr. Carter spoke to me as I cleared out all the used paper cups and mugs for the meeting. Everyone started exiting the conference room now.
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Suite case
~Devin~Milan, Italy. I’ve been here many times, toured around Europe, and nothing excites me anymore. Been with many girls, gorgeous places, fooled around with them, but this time it was different. It felt different.
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