Chapter 16: Darren

Going to the doctor's was painful, but a breeze and then my meeting with Rick for lunch went over well.  When I arrived at the office, it was another story.  Theresa was home sick and everything had been piled on my desk by the substitute. 

"What a mess."  I mutter and run a hand through my hair.  

Looking around, I notice someone has been messing around in my office.  My sofa, which is always right against the wall, is out about two feet and everything else on my desk is moved.  On closer inspection, I see a stain that looks awfully like red wine on one of the tan cushions.  

Suspicious, I check everything else in the room and when I lift the trash can, I find a used condom under it.  "What the hell?"  I am thoroughly pissed, but Theresa isn't here so I can't find out who has been in my office.

Disgusted, I take a pen off the desk and pick it up, placing it in the trash.  I call in the subs

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