Chapter 17: Lauryn

Getting dressed after my shower, I look through the fridge and find a lonely strawberry yogurt.  Taking it, I sit down at the table and read the newspaper.  As I sift through the news articles, I find one particularly interesting.  It seems that the CEO has gotten himself in a bit of trouble with the law. 

I look at the date on the newspaper and realize that it's several days old, finding myself wondering what happened.  "Interesting."  I say out loud and check my watch. 

After cleaning up the table, I return to the bathroom and brush my teeth.  Once I wipe my face, I apply makeup and braid my hair.  Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I feel pleased.  The dark red lipstick brings out my eyes and pulls my outfit together. 

Modelng in front of the full length mirror, I admire my taste.  I decided on wearing a royal blue pant suit today and dark red shoes to match my lipstick.  Twirling arou

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