Chapter 23: Lauryn

I sit at my desk wondering what the hell just happened.  Part of me wants to pack up my things and run as far away from him as I can.  The other part needs to find out more.  Trying desperately to figure out which way I should go, I think on it. 

When he came in just now, the first thing that I thought was, I hope he's here to finish what he started.  That should not have been my first concern.  It should have been, how do I proceed without getting fired?  Then I'm incapable of stopping him when he demands that I go out to dinner with him, fully knowing what will happen afterwards.

My fight or flight response kicks in and all I want to do is get away, like a rabbit running from the predator.  Looking around, I see my things and get up to grab them and leave.  Before I reach the door, Janet comes in and looks shocked.  

"What's wrong?  You look like you saw a ghost or something."

It takes me a min

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