Chapter 46: Darren

I can't believe what I see when Julian almost knocks me out with the door.  Lauryn of all people, in his arms.  They look too chummy to be just friends and then I notice that she is wasted.  I can't pretend that I dont see it and most importantly, I don't want to.

When she falls and hits her head, I pick her up and take her back to my apartment.  Waiting for her to wake up, I call Dr. Peters and have him check her out in case she has a concussion.  

"It's always a good thing to get checked out when someone is unconscious.  Who is she?"  He smiles and checks under her eyelids.  

"Thank you for coming over right away Dr. Peters.  You are a life saver.  She is my fiance and she was a little drunk, so she fell."  I lie and watch everything he does, trying to help out anyway possible.

Lauryn has been asleep for three hours.  While she has been asleep, she is developing a nice goose egg o

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