Chapter 25 - His-story

Alfredo elevated both of the Alpha’s through their collar and pushed them inside the prison cell where I was sitting. The cold floors of the area didn’t justify the rage that I am feeling for him. He betrayed us, and lure us into this situation.

Alpha Nicholas coughs as he struggles to lift his body and lean into the cold surface of the wall. “W-Why?” he whispered into himself but loud enough for Alfredo to turn his back upon us.


This time it’s Alpha Antonio who questioned him for his reason for betraying us. Alfredo stopped from walking away but he didn’t have the audacity to face us.

Alpha Antonio groans and that’s when I realized that the side of his stomach is bleeding. “ Are you okay?” I whispered before putting my hand into it and putting pressure. Alfredo faced us with worry in his eyes. I am not mistaken, however, it suddenly shifted into his usual cold stare.

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