Chapter 121|| I know

~Zara Todd’s POV~ 

“What the hell are you speaking right now? What kind of hospital? Who is in the hospital?” he asks me with the shock plastered on his face. 

“Xavier, please don’t lie to me now. I know everything and I ... I saw him in the hospital. Hurt, with so many injuries and so much bandages in all his body. How can you do that? How can you just do that Xavier?” I grab his clothes on his chest as I lean my head on his chest and cry so much on his chest. 

“I don’t get that. I just don’t get the things that you are telling right now. Just fucking tell me what the hell are you talking about?” he shouts as he grabs me away from his body and fixes his eyes on my face but I just cannot face his eyes. I look down on the floor as the tear rolls down my eyes. 

“What is it Zara? Just fucking tell me,” he shouts. 

“I met Jack! I met Jack in the hospi

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