Chapter Thirty Eight

Bradley told Claire he would be going back to his hotel after they had talked again. Rising up to his feet, he walked towards the hall as Sidney followed him to the door. When Sidney came back to the living room, her mother had gone into the bedroom upstairs, and when she came back down to the room, she was holding a piece of paper. 

She sat down on the couch beside Sidney, and showed her the paper. 

On the heading of the paper was the name of some charity or the homeless home for kids. Among those names was a name that was written in a capital letter. Claire pointed to the name across the paper. "GREAT FUTURE." 

Sidney frowned. "What's this, mother." She asked. 

"It's the name of the home that Bradley was adopted from. She said. 

Confused, she looked at her mother and asked her what she had just said. "What did you just say, mother?" She asked. 

"I said it's the name of the home Bradley was adopted." She

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