Chapter sixty-five

After Tasha said those words, she was waiting for Alpha Franklin's reaction and answer. She was patiently waiting for his response, because she has a high confidence that Alpha Franklin will cooperate with her. The reason for her confidence was that she always stalked from afar and paid attention to Alpha Bryan and her rival, Andrea.

Alpha Franklin, who has a blank expression on his face, spat in front of Tasha. It means telling Tasha that she is a disgusting creature and wants to be thrown to the bottom of hell. Suddenly, Alpha Franklin's eyes turned red, and Tasha suddenly floated in the air while holding her neck. She was struggling like the air was trying to suffocate her. Alpha Franklin was angry.

"You made a wrong choice," Alpha Franklin said coldly. His cold voice delivered a chill from Tasha and her mate's spine, and felt terrified. Tasha's mate was scared, but also worried about Tasha and for her baby.

"Now, I remembered that you are t
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