Destined Queen Of The Entire Moon
Destined Queen Of The Entire Moon
Author: Crysineee

Chapter 1: Total Solar Eclipse


"Before we finish, do you have any questions about what we discussed?"


“Yes, Ms. Gorez? Do you have any question? ” Professor Sammy asked with a smile, and I heard the whispers of my fellow students.

“Attention seeker. We're almost going home but she still ask some question. ”

"What the! Why else would she ask?! The F*--"

That's all I understood because only people on either side of me said that. They murmur at the same time like a bees.

"Quiet, class." Gentle disobedience of Professor Sammy and with a smile she looked back at Gorez.

"How many years until a total solar eclipse happen again in the same location, Prof?" Gorez asked.

“It takes about three-hundred-seventy-five years for a total solar eclipse to happen again at the same location, Ms. Gorez. ” Professor Sammy immediately replied. And most of my fellow-students were shocked.

Three-hundred-seventy-five years? Incredibly lengthy.


The moon is so beautiful. Whether you look far away or up close, the longer it lasts, the better it gets in my eyes.

The moonlight. It was dazzling but I could feel no pain in my eyes. I seem to like staring at it even more.

“Are you ready to go in?” I turned my gaze to my right. I saw a gentleman with a blurred face. I noticed that his skin was shining very white.

Is this person a vampire?

“Get up and we are leaving.” He added and held out his right hand to me.

I was about to reach for his hand when suddenly I closed my eyes tightly after hearing the last thing he said over and over again even though he only said it to me once.

“Sis! Sis! Wake up. It's five o'clock in the morning!” because of Acey's shout I woke up from the dream and looked straight at the ceiling of our house.

“Yeah.” I replied. Less than a minute after waking up, I felt the pain in my body and head.

My eyes shifted to the calendar. It's fifteenth of August now. This is the day I will get my salary when I work at the university. I have to go in even if I feel bad.

Even though my body hurts and I feel like my head is too heavy because it hurts, I forced myself to get up from the mat I was lying on.

“Did you finish your assignments?” I asked my two sisters who were now preparing food for us.

“Yes.” They answered at once and I nodded.

“Let's eat.” I and before eating we first thanked Him for the food He blessed us with.


After I took a bath and got dressed, we immediately left my sibling's house. We passed by Aling Glo's store. We saw her outside her house sweeping dry leaves from the big tree on the side of her house.

“Good morning beautiful ladies.” Aling Glo and I smiled and greeted her as well.

"Have you eaten yet?" Aling Glo asked and we nodded.

"We are done." I answered."Oh, by the way, I will pay my debts to you tomorrow." I added. I will get my salary later but since I'm still going home at ten in the evening because of my night class, Aling Glo's shop is definitely closed.

"All right, Hija. But if — "

" No. I will definitely pay tomorrow." I interrupted what she was going to say.

As much as possible, I don't want to be unable to pay her right away when I say I will pay. We only owe food at her store when my siblings and I really don't have anything to eat.

"All right, Hija. I know how to wait for payment and I know how to understand if you can't pay right away but thanks anyway. Be careful." Aling Glo and we smiled.

"Thank you! We'll go first because we might be late." Me and we passed her after that we smiled sweetly.

We prefer to just buy food with our money because the university is nearby than to use in the fare.

As we entered the gate of the University I said goodbye to my sisters. "Acasia, Acey, I'll be the first. Good luck to you two."

"Eat at the right time, sister. Be careful. Bye!" Acey and I turned to Acasia. I'm waiting for what she has to say.

"Let's go, Acey." Acasia and I swallowed. I smiled bitterly and patted Acey's shoulder.

"Be careful." Me and I can see the sadness in her eyes.

"You too, sister. I love you." Acey and I hugged.

"I love you two. All right. I might be late." Me and I went in a different direction.

I gasped. Acasia has always treated me like that. Perhaps she is ashamed of my job here — being a Janitress.

When I entered Staff Quarters, Kerky approached me quickly — my only friend here.

"Hey, lods! Good morning!" He greeted me with a big smile.

"Good morning. You saved a lot of energy, ah?" I asked him with a laugh.

"Of course! Maybe we'll get paid now, lods! I'll buy a blanket for mama. Mama is always cold." He said, so I nodded.

"Hmm that's nice."

"Wait. I will give you something." He and go to his locker. "You have a new schedule starting today." And handed me the paper.

"H-Ha?!" I gasped in shock and quickly took the paper from him.

“After all, you are the only woman here. That schedule will be given to you. Because the new professor doesn't want a dirty office, boss knows that you work clean so he gave you the new schedule.” Kerky said while I was busy reading my new schedule.

I just nodded and went to my locker to put my bag there.


After I prepared myself, I went to the new professor’s office.

"His office is clean." I whispered. "Does the new professor have dust in his eyes?" I added and quickly punched myself. Why did I say that?!

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