I was feeling homesick,I was getting tired of my new environment,I wanted to go back home,I missed my mum's cooking.

"How's my baby doing?."My mum asked across the phone with excitement in her voice.

"I'm fine,I'm just feeling homesick."I complained.

She laughed,"College is supposed to be a new experience,learn to like it."

I rolled my eyes in frustration as if she could see me,"I will try."

"Have you made friends?."She questioned.

"Yeah,a few."

"How many?,have you gotten a girlfriend yet?!."My mum fired many questions.


"What?,I just want to know."

"I am not getting a girlfriend anytime soon."I told her.

"Okay then."


"Bye bye."She hung up.

I checked the time,I had class in t

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