The Socialite

The Socialite

By:  eve ap  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rez came from a long line of post, elegant, rich New York Socialites. But she's everything they're not and her mom just wants her to be the perfect little rich girl. But she couldn't and she didn't want to. She's better off being bad, going to rave parties, getting tattoos and piercings. Then she met the good boy Jack...

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3 Chapters
Chapter 1
Rez's POV

"You can't possibly expect me to do that mom!" I screeched in horror but the woman in front of me just raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms."Try me! If it isn't because of you, we won't be in this mess right now! You humiliated us for the thousand time already!" She hissed, her brown eyes blazing with furry. "And it's not my goddamn fault you turned out to be such a freak." She spat hatefully.My chest tightened, despite the fact that I have heard that sentence for countless amount of time, it still hurts. But didn't hurt as much as when she slapped me, it wasn't a physical pain, it was an emotional one. "Hope you will gained back your senses." She hissed for the last time before turning on her too high heels and slammed the door in her wake. I winced and cradled my injured cheek in my palm. I didn't know what was wrong with her. She said my golden sister was coming back for the weekend, and she expected me to be on her beck and call. That w
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Chapter 2
Jack's Pov "Let go you dumbass! You're hurting my arm!" The muscly asshole said from under the other muscly big guy. What was this? Was this a wrestling match that I didn't know of? A brand new TV show where two big burly guys intimidate each other?The tattooed guy chuckled darkly, "Oh, you think this is me hurting your arm? You should see when I beat you up to the ground and plummet your face to the ground." He growled and gripped the asshole's arm tighter.I was so stunned by the display in front of me I didn't even realize the purple girl was behind me, I yelped. "You scared me."She just tilted her head to the side like a bird, her eyes twinkling in curiosity. Then she grinned brightly, I thought I was gonna go blind. "What's your name?" She said casually, like there wasn't two big guys fighting in front of us.I frowned, "Jack."Her smiled widened, "Well, Jack. Nice to meet you. I'm Rez." She stuck her hand out.I shook her hand, "Uh, ditto?
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Chapter 3
Rez's POVI was just going to get out of the room and chilled out in the waiting room when I heard the yelling outside. Like the curious cat I was, I got out and peeked out. A big muscly guy was cornering someone to the door, I can't see who because the guy was so big and too asshole looking.Please don't mind my judging phase. He was yelling at the innocent person behind him anyway. So arrogant, I just wanted to squash him to pieces."What are you doing there, you ugly green Hulk?" Well, he looked like one. With his veins bursting and his face red, he even growled and grunted. He should be the new Hulk, with a red skin, not green. The Hulk turned to me for a moment, "What did you say you dwarf?!" His voice was so loud I though my ears were gonna fall off from my head.How dare he called me a dwarf! I was five foot five thank you, I wasn't small! "I said, 'What are you doing there, you ugly green Hulk."There was a movement behind the jerk and I
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