I Love You Now

I was standing in the parking lot, away from the couple I was staring at. Jason... He was holding a brunette's hand... and that hand had a diamond ring on its ring finger.

He was freaking engaged?!

My heart pounded deeply in my chest.

I was too late? But... he was my soulmate, right? Wrong. Probably the same time I stopped believing in soulmates was the same time he seized being mine.

He was smiling so fondly at the brunette and I couldn't see her face but I knew she had a big smile as well.

"You have no right to be sad... You have no right to be sad..." I kept muttering to myself, over and over again as I worked up the courage to leave there.

"I don't believe it! It's Claire Wagner!" I stilled when I heard a lady shriek. Other students stopped to stare at me and a few began making their way towards me.

I diverted my eyes back to Jason, he and his brunette were staring at me, he looked confused.

I turned around and bolted for my car, driving out of the campus. Some crazy fans ran af
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