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Oladele Anjola is an 100lvl student of Computer Science who just got admitted into Federal University of Technology, otherwise known as FUTA. She's extremely reserved and a big introvert. Although beautiful and intelligent, she has zero social skills. Adeleke Kolawole is your typical one of the most popular guys at FUTA. Cute, tall, handsome and brilliant and has more than half of the female population running after him. But Kola is the second definition of being snubbish and icy. He barely has friends and keeps to himself. Jola is totally smitten by Kola on their meeting and for the first time in Kola's life, he has a girl in his head. No matter how hard he tries to get her out of his head, she wouldn't budge, its not like he wanted her out of his head though. And so, an interesting love story starts. What will happen when Jola discovers that her very first friend in FUTA, Fisayo also has a huge crush on Kola. Will she give him up for friendship or give up her friendship for Kola. Its truly an hard decision, but sometimes before anyone else, we should come first.

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ANJOLAS POV.I sighed in excitement as I locked my room door and picked up my new Techno Camon 15. My dad just bought it for me yesterday, why? I was resuming to university in less than 48 hours. I grabbed my MP3 player and quickly connected it to my phone's Bluetooth. There's an increase in the surge of excitement inside my body as "Money" by Cardi B fills the room, if not the whole house. I don't waste a minute before I swirled around and started dancing.  "Does she have to play music that loud in the early hours of the afternoon?" James whined as his mom laughed."Stop complaining, for the next three months and if not more, no sound or music will be coming from that room" Sarah, his elder sister chided laughing softly.  James just rolled his eyes in reply. "And besides you know she does that when she's either nervous or excited
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I was playing Candy crush when my room door opened and Sarah stepped inside. I sat up immediately. "Hey" Sarah called out as she sat down on my bed. I didn't reply her as I plugged my phone.  "Nervous much?" Sarah asked."Yeah" I replied."You are gonna do great" Sarah said with a shrug."Adeola said that too" I added."See" Sarah said gesturing with her hands to prove her point."Things are not going to be easy for me as it was for you" I replied.  Sarah laughed as she shook her head. She probably already knew I was going to start comparing us.  "Of course things are not going to be the same, they are different schools" Sarah said."Ohh" I said nodding my head in agreement.
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I turned and found a face smiling at me. "Fisayo" I called out slowly. She looked exactly like her pictures. She was of average height, not that skinny. She had a gorgeous smile on her face. "Hi" I breathed out slowly.She pulled me into a hug that surprised me. "Here you are" Fisayo said.   "Mom, Dad, this is Fisayo, Fisayo, these are my parents" I introduced."Good morning ma, Good morning sir " Fisayo greeted."How are you?" my mom asked."Fine ma" Fisayo replied."You both get into the car" my dad said.We both got into the car and my dad drove off while Fisayo showed the way.  There were two huge hostels when we got down."You are in what room?" Fisayo asked."124
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 Paul's phone rang soon after. "Whats up? Paul said into the phone."I am at mama Chinwe place" Paul said again."Okay be fast" Paul added as he dropped his phone. "It’s a good thing, you'll meet my friends now" Paul said as I turned to him."Your friends are coming?" I asked."Yeah. They are just around the corner wouldn't take them long to get here" Paul replied."Okay" I replied.  "Have you seen your roommates?" Paul asked."Yeah" I replied."Cool? Paul asked."I think so" I replied with a shrug."Oh here they are" Paul said with a smile. About four boys were approaching us. One of them climbed up the stairs and slapped handshakes with Paul. "You cam
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  I groaned as I ran outside. I could still hear Paul's voice telling me to come back. I walked outside the building before I remembered I didn't know anywhere. Good one you pulled girl, my subconscious said. I just followed the walkway to nowhere in particular. I got bored walking as I reached for my phone in my bag and I saw seven missed calls from Paul. Dickhead.  I plugged in my ear piece as "Zodi" by Jidenna flowed into my ears. I soon got to a roundabout and I looked around. This was just good, I just got lost. Just as I paused the music to call Paul, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I instantly swirled around. "Hello""Hi" I replied timidly. It was a guy and his friends. He squinted his eyes at me a little. "Do you know me?" the guy asked."I'm sorry, I don't think
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