Chapter 69

Sam's pov

Hello what happened?!?

Mark: hey Sam, did you send some one out here? There's another wolf.

Sam: yes his name is Zach and he is my gamma. Why did he make it there yet?

Mark: well yes he did while we were walking to the swimming hole. Dylan can smell him but not see him. 

Sam: he's just watching for now, he's there for for you and Rilly s safety Mark- 

Mark: I don't need help protecting Rilly. Sam, I have to go so I can look for this guy. 

Sam: Mark please,look I'm sorry,I'm just worried. I miss you both and can't wait for the both of you to come home. 

Mark: yes I know, I'll talk to Rilly and see when we will be leaving. I'll take some pictures with Dylan's phone because I left mine at the tent. I'll talk soon. 

Sam: okay sweet cheeks, hurry back to me because when you do get back I'm going to have you in my bed and then in the shower. 

Mark: oh yeah, can't wait. Now I'm loo

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