Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

By:  Samantha Doyle  Ongoing
Language: English
382 ratings
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Thea doesn't believe she has magical powers or a destiny to save the werewolf race. She wants to be Beta to her future Alphas, identical triplets Alaric, Conri, and Kai, but they want her as their Luna. While they wait to shift for proof they're mates, they must prepare to fight a growing evil that's wiping out werewolf packs, suspects Thea is goddess gifted, and wants to take her power. As enemies pile up, Thea must embrace her fate to protect the people she loves. * * * * * This is not a story about characters abusing and hurting each other then somehow ending up together. Rather, the main characters treat each other well and support each other, fighting enemies side by side together. * * * This is an 18+ Reverse Harem story with adult themes and situations. * * * List of books (in order) in this series:Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 1 (complete) * * * Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 2 (complete) * * * Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 3 (complete) * * * Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Vol 4 (complete) * * * Hope and Fate - The Alpha Stoll Alpha Ledger m/m romance spin-off (complete) * * * Alpha of New Dawn (coming soon) * * *

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user avatar
Katheryn Whitehorn-Warren
Amazing story. Very engaging characters. I have reread this story several times and actually bought the printed editions. I hope Ms. Doyle prints the final volume soon.
2024-05-22 14:24:05
user avatar
Anais Guiche
j'attends avec impatience le jour où il sera en français....
2024-02-19 04:20:10
user avatar
Shonda Barnes
Hands down one of the best books! I wish I had 3 mates and the suspense is amazing! Well written!
2024-02-11 12:10:29
user avatar
I love this book. I just got pass 349 and I'm balling my eyes out. please tell me it gets better? ...
2024-02-03 14:10:25
default avatar
Alea Barreto
Good til the end got a bit weird
2023-12-31 10:02:56
default avatar
I'm so goddam hooked (mind my French) but I f**king love this book so far
2023-09-27 01:24:57
user avatar
Jenn Britt
I am loving this book more and more with every chapter I read.
2023-09-26 05:24:05
user avatar
Scan Code
How long before this book is done
2023-09-15 07:11:28
default avatar
Queen Rice
Absolutely Hooked On This Book . Love How Long Much Detail And How Long The Continuation Of It Is Also Instead Of Rushing The Book . Definitely Worth The Read 🩷
2023-08-07 23:45:43
user avatar
Love his book I am going to wait until it is complete before I finish reading more
2023-07-29 17:04:42
user avatar
Tracey Briant
this is my second time reading this book I loved it the first time and still do
2023-07-15 13:56:10
default avatar
This book is so positive......that sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.....I feel good and it motivates me to be better.
2023-07-10 05:02:24
user avatar
Kristen Fowler
love the book. hate the app.
2023-06-30 09:59:16
user avatar
Melissa Skelly
I love reading this book!
2023-06-30 02:51:33
user avatar
Aquarian Goddess
loving it so far.
2023-06-27 02:07:37
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508 Chapters
Chapter 0001
They smelled her arousal. There was no doubt the future Alphas knew she wanted them, and that was forbidden. Thea, the Beta's daughter, trained every morning with identical triplets Alaric, Conri, and Kai, the future Alphas of their pack, New Dawn. This morning, Thea was about to pin Kai when Con
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Chapter 0002
Thea sprinted to school. She couldn’t risk running into the triplets back at the pack house. She went to the girls’ locker room to shower. What was wrong with her? She had never gotten aroused while training before. She was always professional. She saved that for her alone time. Yes, ever since t
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Chapter 0003
School was awkward. They had all but one class together, and Thea did her best to avoid or ignore the triplets all day. Everyone could tell something was wrong. Typically, they were inseparable. Kai usually had his arm draped over her shoulders. Alaric always offered her his arm when they walked bec
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Chapter 0004
Alaric was still holding Thea when she woke up. "You ready for early morning training?" Alaric's voice, rough with sleep, rumbled through her body, waking her up in the sweetest way. She wished she could wake up like this every morning. Then his words registered. "I don't want to go today. I can'
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Chapter 0005
The triplets and Thea went to their rooms to shower and change. As soon as she was alone, Thea freaked out. She wasn’t sure what had just happened. Maybe she dreamed it. It wouldn’t be the first time. The triplets were waiting for her when she left her room. They were all showered and in fresh
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Chapter 0006
After school, the triplets and Thea went out to the field to lead pack training. They split into four different groups and ran drills. When they came back together for conditioning, the triplets hugged and kissed Thea, ignoring everyone else on the field. “Woah,” one of the junior boys said. “Is th
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Chapter 0007
Morning training turned into a makeout session. They made it out to the field, but Kai took her to the ground, and they didn’t do any training after that. “We may as well have just stayed in bed,” Thea said. Another day at school, people still whispered. Thea loved the feeling of the triplets ho
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Chapter 0008
Kai slid Thea off his shoulder, caught her legs, and wrapped them around his waist. Conri tossed the red jumpsuit into Thea’s closet, then lifted her T-shirt off her. The triplets breathed in her growing arousal. Kai’s hands dug into her waist. Her fingers slid into his hair and pulled him closer.
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Chapter 0009
The following day, the triplets tried to respect Thea’s boundaries, so they trained in the morning without trying to kiss her. Once they were at school, they couldn’t keep their hands off her. Before first period they were making out—two on her neck, one on her mouth. Six hands on her body, rubbin
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Chapter 0010
The triplets took Thea to Dr. Boman, the pack doctor, in the west wing of the pack house. He was a kind but serious middle-aged wolf with short brown hair and brown eyes. He relocated her shoulder and put her arm in a sling. “You’ll need to wear this for a few days to immobilize the area so it can
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