Chapter 75

Sam's pov

So Rilly is not a vergin anymore. Wow! I can't believe that Mark took my Rie.Thats all I could think about, that and me not being there to watch. That's ok though I'm going to take Mark in my shower when they get home. I've done bought the necessity s , and I'm so ready. Mark may have took my Rilly,but I'm going to take him. As I'm thinking about me taking Mark, my shorts have made a tent. I take them off and reach into my night stand and pull out the lub. I squeezed some in my hand and rub my cock,the moment I rub my cock I can feel the warmth. I start stroking the head first then work my way down then back up. I sit there injoying the feeling and thinking about Rilly and Mark and I give the head another squeeze then start stroking faster and faster until I cum on my abs. I'm still hard when I'm done so I head to the shower and stroke off again. I go lay down and and I must have dozed off. When I woke up the sun was beginning to come up. I roll to my side and grab

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