Without thinking twice, I run towards them and pushed Carlos away from Ronald. I felt Fin, Gray and Rael followed me and went to Carlos back, in case he’ll do something bad. I felt Ronald’s got shock by my sudden arrival.

“What are you doing, Carlos?” I grittily asked. But he just smirked that made me annoyed. I don’t know why he suddenly talk with Ronald, and I really don’t have a good feeling about this. Carlos is with Herman, and everything they do is all evil. So, seeing him with Ronald made me feel shit.

“I was just talking to him. I was very nice to him, Cristine.” He said with an obvious evil grin plastered on his lips. I baled my fist and glared at him. He raised a brow like he’s not afraid of what possible things I can do to him.

“Leave him alone before I kicked your ass out of here, Carlos.” I said warningly. He laughed like an evil. Damn it! Just hearing

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