Chapter 35


"WHAT DID YOU DO?" I yelled into my phone.

We had turned the tables. Instead of those fuckers following us, we were following them. It might have given the game away that we were onto them but it gave them a taste of their own God damned medicine. Though, we had to be careful—or, at least, Gunnar had to be careful. Even with him being well ahead of the gun trade compared to his competitors, he was still losing business because of this inconvenience. And, knowing my brother, it wasn't sitting well with him. So, what he had done shouldn't have surprised me, and yet, it did.

It did because my brother was the cold, calculated one between us two even if his temper went off like a grenade, destroying everything in its wake.

"It was one of those times where he was doing the following," Gunnar grunted and I fisted the steering wheel, feeling Miranda's curious gaze burning every inch of f

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Finally! It was about time for an update
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Loved this chapter, loving the sarcasm
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Loved this chapter!!! Thank you for the update!!

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