Who were they?

"So, you have lived there for months," Faith turned her index finger towards Ruhee, "and you, for almost your whole life."

"Well, not exactly my whole life but go on."

"And yet, none of you know any damn numbers to contact them?" Faith squinted her eyes as she looked between both of us.

We were sitting in the airport and Faith was keeping her word to accompany us to the palace. 

"I didn't have a phone and I have a goldfish memory when it comes to numbers," I defended myself.

"I never had anyone to call," Ruhee lifted her right shoulder casually, "I was living in the palace or the mansion, and whenever they needed me to do some work I was there." 

Ruhee said every word without any emotion. Faith glanced at me and I shook my head slightly, giving her a hint to not continue the conversation. I did not want Faith to ask something that might hurt Ruhee's feelings. 

"What are you doing?" I tried to peek into Faith's ph

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who is going to kill her??? where is damien-_-
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Juicy Miss
OMG... what a journey!!

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