Antonio looked at the files then looked at the door .

“ Mr Donovan , I need to speak with you . “ said Antonio with a serious tone , wanting to make sure of something before he continued with the files .

“ I know what you want to talk about Antonio . Right now , you have a more important duty and that is to legalise your identity as the new leader fast . There will be time to talk and I will explain what you want to know along with Andre of course . “ said mr Donovan looking at Andre who was caught in surprise but also looking a bit guilty .

“ I suppose you are right . “ said Antonio looking at Andre .

Damian hugged Antonio and handed him the file he was holding .

“ I am going to check on our son . My people are surrounding the place . Don’t worry about anything , just finish what you need to finish . “ said Damian with a sweet smile .

“ Thanks dear ! “ said Antonio happily .

The lawyers that mr Donovan had asked to come arrived and they all started to work immediately . As Ant
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