Wanted: Billionaire's Wife And Their Genius Twin Babies

Wanted: Billionaire's Wife And Their Genius Twin Babies

By:  Pamela  Completed
Language: English
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In the Bennet family, Rue had long been jealous of her twin sister, Rachel. She concocted a plan to get Rachel drunk and send her into a stranger's bed at their birthday party, hoping that she would be expelled from the Bennet family with her ruined reputation. However, in the playful hands of fate, Rachel bedded Edward Bluemel, the richest man in the world, and became pregnant. Edward fell head over heels for Rachel, and actively searched for the woman with whom he only had the fortune to meet once. With Rue's manipulation, the couple’s reunion was prevented. Nine months later, Rachel gave birth to a pair of twin boys, which fueled Rue's flames of jealousy once more. In order to take over Rachel’s place as Edward’s wife, Rue took one of the twins and pretended to be her. With that, she managed to marry Edward, though she never had his favor since then. Five years passed, the other twin that was raised by Rachel had grown up to be a cute, kind prodigy. By chance, he entered an upper-class kindergarten where he met his twin brother for the first time…

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The novel is Romance genre and was written by Pamela, with a rating level of 9.6/10 from 1,855 ratings. People who read the novel find the story interesting and impressive. Rue was jealous of her twin sister Rachel and concocted a plan to get her drunk and send her into a stranger's bed during their birthday party. This got Rachel pregnant which fueled Rue's jealousy. To take over Rachel's place as Edward's baby mommy, Rue pretended to be the other twin and married Edward. Five years later, the twins raised by Rachel entered school and turned their lives around...

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Chapter 1 Woman, You're the First Person Ever to Want to Peg Me
Thud! The door of the presidential suite was shut heavily as Rachel Bennet, who was pushed into the room, landed loudly on the ground. In her directionless drunken state, Rachel stumbled toward the bathroom following the sound of the running showerhead. The bathroom door was pushed open, leading into a foggy, steamy space where a man with honey-colored muscles continuously moved about before her. While Rachel made a face, she lost her balance and fell toward the man in front of her. Fortunately, she reacted in time and managed to clutch onto the man's wrist that was holding the showerhead. Kabedon— Although her 5’4” height held no weight against his 6’2”, her pressing bodyweight forced the man against the wall. "Woman, how the hell did you get in?" As the frigid voice resounded in the foggy bathroom, even the fog seemed like it had been frozen solid. Rachel shook her head, trying to clear her cloudy mind that was like a host for hundreds of birds. "Shut up! One more wor
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Chapter 2 Are You Seriously Trying to Dismiss Me with This Thing after Sleeping with Me?
Rachel casually took a jacket from the bedside and covered herself up before she sneaked out of the presidential suite. By the time Edward had slowly woken up, the woman with whom he had shared the night was already gone. He swept his fringe to the back. The sunlight had fallen softly on his abs, outlining his fair skin and toned physique. As Edward glanced at the empty space beside him, his gaze was immediately drawn to the handmade bracelet that was left beside the pillow. Frowning, he picked up the bracelet. The light fragrance on it reminded him of the woman’s body scent. "Woman, are you seriously trying to dismiss me with this thing after sleeping with me?" Rachel, who had sprinted all the way home, was nervous. The Bennet family had always been strict on her and her sister who were not even allowed sleepovers, and now... Rachel shook her head and thought, 'It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be fine. It's so early, mom and dad are probably still asleep.' So she pushe
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Chapter 3 The Downtrodden Younger Twin
Mrs. Bennet held the livid Mr. Bennet back, hinting to him with her eyes and a shake of her head about Jodie, who was currently holding Rachel in her arms. Jodie was the daughter of the Comer family! In that household, they had a preference for daughters, so naturally, Jodie was pretty well-liked at home. The Comers and the Bennets were long-time family friends, hence Jodie was not someone they could lay their hands on. Mr. Bennet shook his arms and barked with a grim expression, "Take second young miss to her room. From today onward, she is not allowed to leave the house!" After Mr. Bennet stormed out of the hall, Mrs. Bennet too left with a sigh. Her disappointment toward Rachel was written all over her face. Kneeling beside Rachel, Rue could not help but share her thoughts, "Rachel, you really messed up this time, having sex with a stranger. Don't you remember? You are supposed to be marrying Ian." Rachel clenched her jaw and looked up at Rue. Her spirited eyes were fill
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Chapter 4 Mistake
Narrowing her eyes, Rue dialed an unfamiliar number from her office. "Mr. Shawn? Did you enjoy yourself last night? My sister was a virgin, you know. I know you'd love it. I even made the effort of getting her drunk before sending her over. So, I'd like to know when you'll be sending her nudes to me, as promised." Silence enveloped the other end of the phone and after a moment, a voice rang out, "Nudes? What nudes?" Rue frowned, but she maintained her cheery tone. "Haven't we talked about this? I'll send my sister over to you, and you'll send me her nudes." As she said that, the voice on the other end of the phone flared with rage. "Rue! You have the nerve to claim having done the deed! I was waiting in my room for an entire night, but no one came in!" Stunned, Rue’s face was filled with surprise. "It can't be! I shoved her in myself! I can't be wrong, you told me you were in the presidential suite 206!" The voice on the other end paused for a while. "I did book the preside
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Chapter 5 Conception
The mock turtle soup spilled across the smooth table surface and began to drip onto Rachel from its corner. The sticky liquid dripped onto Rachel's clothes, dirtying it. Rachel's brows slowly pulled toward each other as her face soured by the second. "Oh, no, the soup is dripping." Although Rue pretended to panic, the tilt in her hand showed that she had no intention of stopping. On the contrary, she flicked her wrist and splashed the rest of the content onto Rachel's face. "Rachel, don't worry, the table is clean. You can continue eating this soup. After all, you've never tasted anything so luxurious..." Rachel pushed away Rue’s arm that was pressed down on her shoulder and slowly stood up. The stains on her dress did not dampen the spirit she had. "Rue, you're my older twin sister, so there are many things you do that I put up with. But don't cross the line, because everyone has their limits. When grasping at straws, even rabbits can bite." Having dropped her last wor
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Chapter 6 We Need This Child Aborted!
Stuck between Mr. Bennet and Rue, Rachel could not do anything but press her hands hard against her abdomen. She could not get away from both of them no matter how hard she struggled. Although they were her father, her mother, and her sister, she felt like she was alone all those years living as a Bennet. Even if the arrival of this child meant that she would lose her purity and reputation, at least, she would no longer be alone from that day onward. Hence she must protect this child! Mrs. Bennet quickly pulled the doctor aside and gave him a card. "Doctor, we don't know the father of the child, so the Bennets cannot have the child. Please, abort it." The doctor did not accept the card that Mrs. Bennet tried so desperately to shove in his hand, but he set his eyes on Rachel, who continued to resist even though she was sweating buckets. As she struggled, Rachel continuously used her hand to protect her abdomen delicately... After observing her for a long while, he had ma
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Chapter 7 Threatening with Death
Thus, both Mr. and Mrs. Bennet had mistaken Rue to be the more intelligent one and had spent all their resources on her. They had thought it through. Since they were twins, they should focus their resources to nurture the one with the highest potential, leaving the other one as a backup plan — a fodder of sorts. However, they did not expect Rue's result to be Rachel's. Of course, when they had found out much, much later, they were drowned in regret. This was all after the story was done...Mr. Bennet snorted coldly. "No one outside can find out about this, or the Bennet Group's reputation will fall into pieces! Most importantly, the Comers cannot know about this!" Mrs. Bennet looked at Rachel's baby bump. "How are we supposed to hide the belly?" Rue held her parents' hands softly, implying that she was going to help. "Mom, dad, it can be solved. If we hired a private doctor and have them operate in this house, wouldn't that solve it?" Her parents’ eyes suddenly lit up. How
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Chapter 8 Snatching the Future That Belonged to Rachel
Rue's hand gently wiped away the tears on her eyes, hiding a faint smile that appeared on her face. Ever since they were born, Rue and Rachel were each given ten percent of the shares in the Bennet Group. However, since Rue started working at the Bennet Group, she received an extra ten percent of the shares. Coupled with the ten percent she would receive from Rachel, she would then be holding a total of thirty percent of shares in the Bennet Group! In this case, she would effectively become a significant partner of the Bennet Group. No one would have thought that getting Rachel’s unborn child out of the equation would result in such a surprise. "Mom, dad, maybe that's not the best idea. Even if Rachel isn't doing anything for the Bennet family, she's still part of this family." No matter how happy she was on the inside, she still had to maintain her image of a thoughtful sister while she dragged Rachel down. Mr. Bennet scoffed. "It's alright. She's right about one thing,
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Chapter 9 Expelled from Home
With Ian's words, Mr. and Mrs. Comer frowned. They did not bother to hide their displeasure. Just the night before, they had received a set of weird photos. It was one of those self-destructing ones that could be viewed for five seconds but not saved. Even though it was only five seconds, they saw it clearly. The woman in the pictures should be Rue! It seemed like Rue was only pretending to be innocent, so how could someone like this be seen together with their son? "No! I no longer believe in any of the Bennets' integrity!" Mrs. Comer said with determination. Mr. Comer agreed. "Ian, don't worry. We'll find you a proper lady. We aren't 'good' enough for either of the Bennet daughters!" Seeing the looks on the Comer parents’ faces, they were obviously rejecting the offer, to which the Bennet parents found perplexing. Even if they were not fond of Rachel, what made them dislike Rue? Ian held Rue's hands and said seriously, "Rue, wait for me. I will convince my parents,
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Chapter 10 Giving Birth
The reporters' ceaseless manhandling kept pushing Rachel around, even her luggage had been sent to the ground. None of the reporters had the decency to be nice to a woman like Rachel and all they did was swarm her. Suddenly, a lanky figure barged in and pushed back at the reporters who had Rachel surrounded. Detecting a hint of familiar body scent, Rachel looked up. "Jodie, are you here?" Jodie nodded at Rachel. She then took Rachel into her arms and lifted the luggage bag before they left. It was only after getting into the car that the reporters began to disperse. Rachel took a glance at her short-haired and refreshed dear friend, Jodie before letting out a relieved sigh. "Jodie, thank you." Jodie shook her head. "No, Rachel, I think you're very brave. If only I'm half as brave as you are." Rachel touched Jodie's arm lightly. "Jodie. you’re so much braver. You were just like a man back there!" Jodie side-eyed Rachel and pretended to be angry. "I'm warning you, Rache
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