Inner desires

Looking at the pile of clothes, he spent a second deciding if he was going to go with his initial choice but then gave up. He was never good with picking clothes.

He simply pulled down the trouser he was wearing given by Patrick and wore the black jeans given by Dominic. And then he removed his oversized and worn-out shirt and was about to put on the new one when he heard skylark’s caws.

That made him walk to the window where Skylark was as usual hovering over the roof. He had become afraid of Martha and slipped out of the room the moment she had been distracted in pulling out the appliances from her bags.

Skylark had seen her walk out but was unsure if she was lurking so he had given a call to his master to check if it was safe for him to come inside.

After Calhoun repeatedly assured him that it was fine the bird perched on the windowsill and kept looking at the door and every other corner, expecting her to spring up from a corner and lunge at him at

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