Dominic muttered and turned into his wolf. Valencia got up from the ground as the rogue motioned ahead and raised his hand to smack her again.

But before he could do this, Dominic jumped on him, sinking his teeth into the werewolf’s arm.

In normal circumstances, it would have sliced off the hand as an alpha’s bite was extremely powerful but no such thing happened now.

The blue werewolf was more powerful than the alpha but it seemed to lose its mind from time to time.

It was as if periodically it was being remote controlled by someone else and just moments of self control were granted to it before it was taken over by that other mysterious controller again.

Dominic looked at his beta who got the message and quickly as his pack members to ensure that a stampede doesn’t occur and that everybody is taken to a safe place while they dealt with this rogue.

Gerald and Patrick began guiding the frightened crowd, taking them away from the battle

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