The real culprit

After ensuring that the car was safely hidden out of view, both of them stepped out of it and peered through the gate.

Luckily nobody had come running towards the gate when it had creaked loudly.

So they believed that it could either mean that whoever was in charge didn’t think that anybody would show up or if they did then they wouldn’t walk out alive.

After ensuring that nobody was around using their acute sense of hearing and smell, the two slowly edged inside.

There was a lot of abandoned stuff littering around the open space so it proved to be effective in hiding.

Thus, they used the empty drums and stuff lying around to hide them while carefully walking inside.

The two werewolves kept inching towards the entrance that they hoped would be heavily guarded or at least tripped with wires.

But to their surprise, again nothing obstructed their way. It was strange and both of them merely glanced at each other before walking

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