Foremost Keeper
Foremost Keeper
Author: HYLover

I serenely sipped my frappe and watched people come and go. I am here at my usual favorite place where in I can have a view of people outside the window. 

The fuck is wrong with Dwight! Kanina pa ako naghihintay. I snorted in annoyance. If he won't come here, might as well leave this damn place. Nakakairita

I was about to get up from my seat when I saw him coming near to me. "I'm sorry, babe!" 

I rolled my eyes. "Suit your explanation, Dwight." 

"I'm really sorry, babe. I had something to do," aniya nang umupo satabi ko.

"Whatever, Dwight. That doesn't change the fact that you made me wait again!" I raised my voice, still pissed. He snaked his arms around me and planted a kiss on top of my head.

"Nakakainis ka." I sulked like a kid. He really knows his way to me. I heard him laughed. I could hear relief from him. 

"I know, babe. Babawi ako sa Sunday. Promise," he said, sweetly. Patience, Jezrel. I have been an understanding girlfriend for him. Can't he at least do the same? Huminga ako ng malalim.

"Do you love me?" A small smile occupied in my lips when he asked that.

"Of course, Dwight." His warmth enveloped in my body. Only him can make my heart crazy as this.

"And I love you too." My heart melted with what he said.

As usual, bars are boisterous and dimmed when I got inside. I wore a black dress and put on a red lipstick and wore a studded silver heel. I got seated on a high bar stool and ordered tequila. I badly needed a drink tonight. I fished my phone inside my bag only to see that there was no text from him. I made a face. He told me that he'd text me! I get it that he's busy with his company but he could at least make time for me.

"Does Dwight know you're here?" I turned to look at the person with a familiar voice.

"Why are you here?" I asked when I recognized him. He sat next to me and ordered for his drink.

"Am I not allowed here?"

"Whatever, Asher." 

"Care to tell me why you're here drinking alone?"

I raised my eyebrow. "The fuck! The unbothered Asher is asking me?" I couldn't believe he'd ask me. I've known him for years. Well, given the fact that he's Dwight's best friend and there's something in him that I hate. He's so conceited. He's a jerk. Period.

"I don't care with your affairs, Jezrel. And for the record, you are my best friend's girl. I couldn't bear seeing him hurt by you." He nonchalantly said.

I shot him my annoyed look. "You think, I will cheat?!"

He gave me his bored look "Who knows? Feelings change."

"Fuck you! Wala kang alam!"

"Oh, Jezrel. You think, I'd bother fucking you. In your dreams." Umismid ako sa sinabi niya. The nerve of this jerk! Ang attitude talaga nito! That's why we won't get along because of his nasty attitude.

Why does Dwight have a friend like him? I couldn't understand until now. I took another sip of my drink and ordered another vodka. I thought that he would go away but it turned out that he stayed. I ignored his presence.

"Fuck off, Naia. I don't have time with your bullshits." I heard him talked over the phone. Does that mean that he has girlfriend, too? Well, I don't care anyways.

Nakita ko siyang inis na sinalampak ang mukha sa mesa.

"You've got a problem?" I asked. He gave me a penetrating stare. He raised his one fucking eyebrow.

"Why? Will you give me a head if I'd tell you?" Nanlaki ang matako. Even with my distorted vision, I could clearly hear him. What the hell w*s he talking about?

"How dare you?" My temper skyrocketed. His lips formed into an annoying smirk.

"What? You aren't thinking that, right?" My cheeks heated up. Madali akong lumakad papalayo. Jerk! I went to a bar to clear my head and to somehow unwind but what happened was the opposite. I stopped when a hand grabbed mine. 

"Ano ba?" I slowly looked at his eyes. My brows were knitted in confusion. "Terrence?" 

"Yes, bitch. Miss me?" I used all my force to get away from him.

"Where are you going? Let's have some fun." 

"Fuck off!" I hissed. He slammed me on the door. "Stay away from me!" I yelled. Swear. I am pissed off. I kicked his balls and I heard him groaned in pain. That was my cue to run away from him. 

Hindi pa ako nakakalayo nang makaramdam ako muling hatak sabraso ko. "Where are you going? You think you can get away from me?" Nakita ko ang nanlilisik na mata nito

I dumped Terrence because of Dwight. Now, he's getting back at me. 

"Stop this, Terrence!"

"Shut up." He shot back.

"Terrence. Please, stop." Mahinahon kong sabi.  I know that it's my fault.

"No... no Let's play, bitch just how you played with me. Fair, isn't it?" I gulped hard. His eyes darkened.  Fear suddenly enveloped me. Nangangatal ang labi ko habang nakatingin sa kanya. He took the distance and held my hand. Pilit akong kumakawala mula sa kanya.

"Bitawan mo ako,” I sternly said.  Nanginig ang buong kalamnan ko nang nasa leeg ko na ang mukha niya.  I was about to scream when the next thing I knew, Terrence was thrown on the floor. 

Nakita ko na lang na sunod sunod siyang binibigyan ni Asher ng suntok. "Asher!" sigaw ko. Mapapatay niya si Terrence.

"Gago." He spat towards Terrence who was barely breathing. 

"Asher, let's go please" I couldn't even recognize my voice. Asher inhaled sharply. His eyes were darkening as he stared at me. He held both of my shoulders. 

"Are you okay?" He whispered with a gentle voice. Hindi agad akonakasagot. I gasped when he pulled me and crashed me to his chest.

"Hush..." He assured me, hugging me more.

I woke up with a headache. Pumupungas pungas akong bumangonmula sa kama ko. My head's pounding like it was torn apart. Nanlakiang mata ko nang maramdaman kong wala akong saplot at tanging ang kumot lang ang tumatakip sa katawan ko. Mabilis akong nag-panic. What the fuck is going on? My eyes wandered around. Napanganga ako nang malaman wala ako sa kwarto ko. 

Pinukpok ko ang ulo. Shit! Shit! Did I... oh my God! I couldn't remember anything last night! I was with Asher and then... Gosh! What did just happen?

I was about to stand up when I felt sore down there.

My heart sank thinking of what I've been to. I had sex with a stranger! I frustratedly raked my hair using my fingers. 

Sinubukan kong tumayo kahit na masakit ang baba ko. When I stepped out from the bedroom, my gaze went to a familiar man who was on the kitchen. 

Gayon na lamang ang gulat ko nang lumingon ito sa akin. "Shit! Asher?!" 

Don't tell me I had sex with him?!

"Morning." Kaswal na bati niya.

Inihilamos ko ang mukha ko gamit ang palad ko. "Fuck! Fuck! What are we going to do now?" I hysterically said. 

"Calm down, Jezrel."

"You think I can do that? I am saving myself for Dwight! And, shit this happened. Oh God!"

"You're not the only one who's regretful, Jezrel."

"Did you take advantage of me last night?"

He gave me a piercing looks. "What? No."

"Then, how did this happen? Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko."

"That's just a casual fuck, Jezrel." Umismid ako sa sinabi niya. My hand moved on its own.  I slapped him real hard.

"What was that for?" He angrily spat as he was caressing his red cheek. 

"Fuck you, Asher! I hate you! I hate you so much!" 

Dumiretso ako sa banyo at kinuha ang mga damit ko na nasakwarto. Mabilis akong nagbihis at umalis doon sa condo niya. I hailed a taxi and went back home. 

Anong gagawin ko?  Naghalo ang isip ko mula sa nangyari kagabi.  My mind was haywire.  I am doomed!

Nakatanggap ako ng sunod sunod na tawag at text mula kay Dwight.  Napakagat labi ako at inis na isinalampak ang mukha ko saunan. 

"I'm sorry... sorry..." Mariin kong bulong sa kawalan.  All I could feel was guilt and remorse.

I fucked up!  I fucked my boyfriend's best friend.

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