Chapter 1254 A Big Fish

Every tooth was as high as seven or eight floors.

A row of teeth looked like an endless wall.

"What is this?"

Lucy was stunned for a moment, and then she reacted and let out a scream.

The people wrapped in the golden light immediately felt a strong impact.

The golden light wrapping around them was suddenly like a small boat, and it was suddenly rushed away by the huge waves.

Although everyone tried their best to stabilize their bodies, they still stumbled.

At this time, they felt that they were like fallen leaves in a storm. They could not decide where and how to float.

By the time they stabilized themselves, they would have been pushed 70 to 80 kilometers away.

From this distance, they finally saw what the neat rows of teeth looked like in the darkness.

It was a big fish!

To be exact, it was a big fish with only bones left!

The size of this fish could no longer be described in words. The golden light where everyone was standing was as small as sesame seeds in front of the
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