Rewrite my destiny

Rewrite my destiny

By:  Al Val  Completed
Language: English
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I never thought that I would be one of the ones that suffered from betrayal. I just wanted to greet him and say that I love him once more like I am used to. I hid myself in the closet because I wanted to surprise him. But what I saw was beyond my ability to accept it. He was cheating on me with my best friend.I was sacrificed for his greed to be satisfied. If only I listened to my mother's words. Maybe, I would be in a better fate. I died under the effect of a dark spell, he wanted my powers for him, he doesn't need me anymore. I can't believe that I loved such kind of man. Where was my heart when I needed to love a better person ? I was a gifted noble Lady. I had a better future if I fought for it. If only, time could get reversed, for me to make better choices.I didn't expect to see my wish being realised. I was reborn again, I am again the young child of the Rayginaz family. I time-travelled to when I was born. This time, I'll protect my family well. I won't let any William destroy it again.

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What ever happened to writing a sequel???
2022-08-18 23:44:51
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Ignault JC
Its a good story and I like it .........
2021-07-31 02:21:07
default avatar
great story overall. definitely will be reading your another books! :) i am wondering, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 10:52:56
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Sweety gade
Is there any sequel to it?
2021-01-06 14:19:19
default avatar
Angela Carrazco
2021-01-06 04:51:48
user avatar
Great story but horrible English translation.
2021-03-25 10:37:23
default avatar
Christina Estrada-misloski
2022-10-24 14:00:49
48 Chapters
Chapter 1
I never thought that I would be one of the ones that suffered from betrayal. I never thought that fate would show me a side of the world that I didn’t want to know. A dark world where I couldn’t even know the meaning of faithfulness. The man that I love whispered his love to someone else. I wouldn't say I like the situation that I am in. I did everything that could be labelled as loyalty in the name of love for him. I helped him in situations where I sacrificed my future for him.I just wanted to greet him and say that I love him once more like I am used to. I lived in his shadow for so long, and I kept telling myself that nothing can bring me happiness besides his smile and that he is satisfied with me. I went in. I am used to going to his chamber to greet him and love him. Yet, this time what I heard and saw was beyond my ability to accept it. I wasted six years of my life on him for nothing.I hid in the closet because I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to say that I was pregnant an
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Chapter 2
I really did go back in time where I was still a baby; I wonder how many months I have. Everything looks just the way it looked before when I was young. Let’s sort out the situation. I am still a baby, so I can’t do anything besides watching them move around me. Even if I returned to the past, that means the problems that will happen will still happen, except if I interfered maybe I could change our fate and protect my family. I can’t talk so I can’t say that I am happy to see them. I am glad. I’ll explode from joy. Since I know the future, I will try to change my destiny myself.I don’t want to go through that again. First, I need to learn to move, walk and speak. I am still curious about how I managed to go back in time, was it because of the spell? Was it because the spell failed? I don’t know. I was given a new life from now on; it’s important to know how I will live it."Ooooh! Miss don’t cry too much unlike other babies, " said one of the maids. I think her name was Sasha."You a
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Chapter 3
I woke to my own crying and saw my two brothers again. They were looking at me in such an intense way that I like it. They are lovely. When I saw my startled brother Durian, I saw in his eyes fondness and happiness. Even though he was in front of me, I was sad, remembering the dream that I had. I kept crying but showed my feelings with a smile. I didn’t want to make them worry about me. I’ll make sure to protect them this time. I’ll pray in their places to have a great future. My irreplaceable family members, I will do anything to prevent their death, and you, William, I’ll work on your downfall, I swear." Where am I? Here I am… ", said brother Damien hiding his face with his hands and showing it again.This Damien, he will tire me from laughing. Does he think that he is hiding from me? I had to laugh because I must show that I am happy that he plays with me. Well! I find him cute and lovely. He brightens up every time that I laugh and laughs too. My jaws are tired." You see she smil
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Chapter 4
Aunt Riza is one of the people that I should protect too. She was there for me when our house fell to ruin. She knew how I felt, so she tried her best to support me. I am too small. There is nothing I can do now with it. I’ve received another chance so I should use it well. I could start with the minor things—learning words. Since now, my teeth are growing. I will be able to speak a little. I try to say father and mother but instead came out weird sounds. Tears fill my eyes. It’s so hard; I can’t believe it. But it’s so hard. How did we manage to speak normally? Yeah! I remember that I read a book about habits. We have, in our brains, different places where we stock what we learn. Habits help the brain to memorize things faster; when you see a similar thing or situation, you act by the habits that we do not with our intelligence. For a knight, they can defend themselves well if they are trained to fight without relying only on their eyes. Habits make it easier in a lot of situations. S
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Chapter 5
A length of time has passed since my first tea party. It was enjoyable at last. I was able to arrange people in categories. The huge first pace that I did was befriending Madeleine Sarlintine. After meeting him, a lot of things in his life began to change. He became more aware of relationships and began to build more, but he would often visit me. He is gotten better in handling his ability and wasn’t called insane anymore. His mother became more gentle towards him. It’s been six years now since that time. I changed my ways of dealing with people and a lot of things in my life. I spend a lot of time with my family and go wherever my mom went to. I needed to know more about the flow of powers. To understand a lot of things that I didn’t care much about it in my last life." Good morning Lady Bonine! Oh, no ! Look at you. Your hair is all messy. You are already eleven now. Weren’t you able to sleep last night ? " said my personal maid. I am at an age where I have to own one." Good morni
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chapter 6
I need to take the next step. I need the power to protect my family.  That teacher that used to came has found his carrier destroyed because he slapped me. It was something that was bound to happen. I didn’t know how to behave before. Before, in my last life, I studied a lot to go to the academy but meeting William was a turn event. He insisted that going there was a waste of time. I still remember the load of books that I read. First, I need to go to the academy, but I think it’s not time yet. I’ll leave it for when I meet William.
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Chapter 7
" Do your best when you’re training, best friend. "That’s, and without a doubt, brother Gasus, shouting like that in the corridor, is he stupid? There is no manner at all in the way he speaks. Saying these kinds of words means that he is not here for my brother, then for whom? I don’t like thinking too much. I’ll enjoy my morning drinking tea and reading a book. I had too many thoughts in my head recently that I began to be absent-minded all the time. I raise my head from my book. He is coming this way with a little girl. I presume that she is his sister, but why did he bring her here? Does he think that I am a babysitter? What a stupid thought? Manners manners, let’s not jud
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Chapter 8
" Brother Gasus! I guess I’ll leave my family in your hands. "" Why? "" I want to go to the academy. I need to gain power using my own knowledge and talent. "" It’s a good idea, considering your abilities, you’ll do better in the academy than staying here. But I doubt that your brothers will let you off. "
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Chapter 9
 Living that idiotic figure behind, we keep walking towards the place where we’ll have our tests. This place isn’t that amazing in my eyes. I remember that a massacre happened here because someone tried to plot against the prince of the Azura kingdom. I remember that he was a rude and cruel person. No one could tolerate him. He came here for a visit and ended up killing a lot of students. I’ll make sure to prepare for it. The exam will begin soon. We’ll have to hurry to the examination site.Everyone is chatting. Things are lively here. I keep standing in my place, thinking about the upcoming test. I wonder what it will be. Moving my head in all direct
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Chapter 10
I’ve never considered that I’ll meet Davina early. I guess I just made a mistake, the participant that I defeated will be listed as the 200 in the ranking, his fighting style was pretty good for a student. Either way, I have no choice but to beat all of them. Seeing how the rest are acting, they won’t accept to be in the first 30th. They are aiming for the first place. Let’s show them how we will deal with them!" For now, we must find the others. It must be a priority. "
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