Chapter 2004 Overestimated You

A few minutes passed.

The longer they waited, the less hope there was.

The waves crashed on the side of the boat, which made it sway unevenly.

Several large ships quietly appeared in the distance with their sails raised high.

Angie’s bodyguard noticed the ships. His expression changed.

“Miss, someone is approaching. Let’s leave!”

Angie shook her head and pulled Eric.

“Let’s go together.”

Eric wished that he could throw this clingy woman into the sea. He hated this woman to death.

He was clearly anxious, but he could not do anything.

This feeling was as if someone threw him into the sea and death was approaching him.

“Get away from me! Get lost!”

Eric gritted his teeth.

Angie cried and shook her head.

The bodyguard was very anxious because the large ships were getting closer.

Those ships were charging at them.

In less than a minute, several large ships going at full force surrounded their boat.

Quinn, who was already on Eric’s boat, was driven to Angie’s boat.

Her face
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I literally clap my hand when Clayton comes. That Eric really doesn't have balls

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