Chapter 2627 Almost the End

Another surveillance footage showed that the waiter almost dropped the tray because of the instability of the wine glasses, so the waiter moved the position of the wine glass. However, Jade was unaware of this.

The autopsy results came out overnight.

Jade was found to be poisoned by potassium cyanide.

The ingredients were the same as the small bottle that Jade was carrying.

Jade intentionally wanted to kill someone, but she accidentally killed herself.

She would never understand which part of her scheme went wrong and why she ended up dead.

The police checked the surveillance footage and found that the small bottle was initially dropped by Selena’s aunt.

They followed the lead and arrested her.

The aunt confessed everything without omission and told the police that she was threatened, so she had to go to the event.

However, the aunt did not want to harm anyone, so she took the opportunity of her fall to throw away the bottle of medicine.

Unexpectedly, Jade did not give up and
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goodnovel comment avatar
Can we stop making Kai seem so pathetic?
goodnovel comment avatar
Frouwine Mare
she are still pregnant a year later? how is that possible the baby should have been born a month after Noah's death

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