Chapter 2009 What Can I Do?

When Clayton heard this, he frowned, nodded, and glanced at the bodyguard next to him with a grim expression.

“Shane, take good care of Madam.”

Shane nodded solemnly.

“Yes, Mr. Sloan. You can rest assured.”

Clayton followed the captain downstairs.

They went down the steps and went into an elevator that led underground.

Many hospitals in Erethea had bomb shelters underground, and some of them were hidden.

Clayton brought his people over. There were many men dressed in black standing at the door.

When they saw Clayton, they were extremely respectful and bowed their heads in unison.

Clayton walked straight into the innermost room which was very dim.

“Open the door.”

The bodyguard next to him did not hesitate and immediately opened the door.

Clayton entered the dark and damp room. The light overhead was swaying, and the vent was buzzing due to years of disrepair.

The man inside curled up on the ground, but he still looked fierce.

His bloodied body made him look wild and lifel
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